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Does any one want to Co-Write with me?


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I haven't been in a fic-writing mood lately, but I was watching season 1 of Robin Hood BBC (great Chanukkah gift from the rents), and I'm at the part in the end where this little person in the back of my mind starts bouncing up and down and screaming fanfic at the top of his lungs. I think he's a muse, and I call him Kyle. (I really don't)

Hence, I am now writing a Robin Hood fanfic. Oh the angsty Robin-y goodness. However, I am extending an invitation/request to any and all fanfic writers, to anyone who would like to co-write a fic from one of the following fandoms with me:

7th Heaven

Saved By The Bell

Robin Hood BBC

Growing Pains

Degrassi: TNG

Flight 29 Down

Gilmore Girls

High School Musical 2

Backstreet Boys

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