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Telephone Obs (F)


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Well I got a little surprise just now. I've been trying to do all the things that I've been procrastinating on and that included setting up some different appointments. Well I just called my therapists office and was speaking to the receptionist. She's obviously checking the schedule to find out when she can give me the time I'm looking for when suddenly she let out this loud, harsh & throaty sneeze. It clearly rocked her a bit. I blessed her and she was like, "Oh my, thank you". And did alittle bit of sniffling from it as we finished up. I've heard and see her sneeze before when I was in the office. Small woman, with short dark hair. I'd say she was probably either in her late 40ties or early 50ties. I was surprised that her sneeze was so strong and loud. :laugh:

I don't tend to have that happen to me often; someone sneeze when I'm on the phone with them, it's fun. :blink:

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yeah i know what you mean. i only with i could see them when it happens though. but for some reason, on the phone it seems so close to you, i guess cause the receiver is right in your ear haha.

but yeah, gotta love the phone sneezes. its like an unexpected present! :laugh:

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