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Report of a recent outbreak of sneezing (f)


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Some more observations from work. The lovely Amy (a cute blue-eyed blonde in her early to mid twenties) has been in wonderfully sneezy form today. Soon after she got in to work this morning, she got an attack of the sneezes; three of her half-stifles came in quick succession. This was not the end of the matter, however, because about half an hour later she had to sneeze twice more. This time the sneezes were in her other, quite different mode of sneezing, the sudden, unstifled high-pitched “huh…CHOOOO!!!!” sneezes. (See my earlier post for descriptions of Amy’s two varieties of sneeze).

Incidentally, has anyone else known anyone who has two such different ways of sneezing?

Amy is not the only one who has been suffering with the sneezes. In fact, they seem to be highly infectious. Amy’s chief rival for the title of the sneeziest girl in the firm is Ruth, a tall, slim thirty-something redhead. I could tell that she also was experiencing a tickly nose this morning, as she kept sniffing and rubbing her cute little nose with one finger, with her invariable symptoms of coming sneezes. I kept a good watch on her and was rewarded when she was in the middle of a telephone conversation. Ruth was talking when she got a pre-sneeze look, tilted her head back slightly, cupped her hand over her mouth and gave a very cute and feminine “Ah-Tishoo!”, said “Excuse me!” to the person on the other end of the telephone, and carried on talking. Unlike Amy, Ruth never stifles her sneezes (probably because they are quieter and therefore do not embarrass her so much). Even after this sneeze, however, Ruth’s sniffing and nose-rubbing continued, and some time later, as she was sitting at her desk, I saw “the look” overcome her again. This time she had both hands free and raised both mouth, this time giving two very pretty “Ah-Tishoo!”s.

I notice that most of Amy and Ruth’s sneezes come early in the morning, within an hour or so of their arriving at work. This may be due to the weather. Over the last couple of weeks, Southern England has experienced a spell of very hot weather, and the air conditioning in the office has been turned up full blast. It may be that the two girls are sensitive to sudden changes in temperature and that coming from the heat of the outside into the cool of the office is what sets them sneezing. (I have known other people, including a former girlfriend, who also sneezed a lot in similar circumstances). Today, however, rather unusually, Amy sneezed twice more in the afternoon, a very explosive unstifled sneeze followed almost immediately by a stifle.

Following that, the sneezing epidemic spread more widely. The next victim was Sue, another pretty blonde, who was caught by a soft, gentle “Choo!”. Finally Jill, yet another blonde girl, also succumbed and had to sneeze. Jill does not sneeze very often compared to most of her colleagues, but when she does it is well worth waiting for, as her sneezes are loud, sexy ATSCHOO!s.

We have three other girls in the office, but as yet they seem to be resistant to the outbreak. I’m keeping my fingers crossed, however.

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Guest scottchoo

yeah..the morning thing is pretty common...thats the way it is in my office, i think if i worked at your office I would keep a video cam handy...

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Guest sneezemale1

I would agree that sneezing in the morning is very common. In my previous office (mostly staffed by females), I have seen almost every one of the girls sneezing & most would do so before noon time. I could never go through a single morning without hearing bouts of sneezing by the girls.

When attending short training courses, it is also quite common to see females sneezing during the morning. The experience is even more rewarding as you get to see people whom you've never met before sneezing. Pity that you're unlikely to see them again following the completion of the course.....

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