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So I've been sick for about a week now, with no signs of it letting up. Very little sneezing on my part, it's mostly just a harsh cough, but don't despair, I do have a couple of sets of sneezes to describe! I seem to have given this thing to my friend J, though, and she's been sneezing non-stop today. Funny how colds can affect people so differently....

I'll start with mine. The first was the day I first started to feel sick. I'd woken up late with a really bad sore throat, so after cancelling a phone appointment, I went to a nearby cafe to get some soup. I was sort of in a daze, not really doing/thinking much of anything, and all of a sudden I lurched forward with a soft "Heh-tch!"

I didn't sneeze again until a couple of days later. Meanwhile, the slight ickiness and sore throat turned into this awful cough that settled in my chest and so far shows no signs of letting up...but anyway. That day, I woke up sometime late-morning/early-afternoon and just kind of hung out in bed half-awake and feeling pretty awful. Now my nose was slightly stuffed up in addition to the cough. At one point, a sneeze sort of snuck up on me-- "Hup-tzschhh!" It didn't really do much to un-stuff my nose, but it did leave behind a slight tickle. I was kind of like...wow, am I really going to sneeze twice in a matter of minutes--I, who normally sneezes a couple of times a week if that? Well, I wasn't about to get up to get tissues (which were not in my room but out in the living room), so I lay in bed, still only half-awake. Finally, the second sneeze came out--"Huh-tchee!" Funny how soft and girly my sneezes sound when I'm sick. At that point, my nose was in definite need of blowing, so I made the effort to get up for tissues.

The same thing happened almost exactly 24 hours later--I had just woken up, went out into the living room (yay, tissues in easy reach), sneezed once, a short "Heh-tch!", and a few minutes later, the same tickle produced another "Heh-tch!" And yeah, okay, they probably weren't technically doubles, given how far apart they were spaced, but it's still sort of cool sneezing this much. Just wish it were in front of people....

Now for my friend J. A couple of days after I did, she started to feel sick, the same sore throat I'd had, so we concluded that I'd probably given my cold to her. Now, 2-3 days later, she's not coughing much at all, but what she's got seems to have settled in her nose and she's sneezing all the time. It can be anywhere from 1 to 3 at a time, and they seem to catch her by surprise most of the time, really loud "HET-choo!"'s, but a couple of times, there's been some build-up to go along with it.

And I don't think this is very good...but it's late and I'm tired, so I'm going to post anyway. What do you think? :bleh:

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Excellent. what a success to get two doubles in a single day\\\! Most interesting that your sneezes are girlier and softer during a cold, as the general wisdom is that cold sneezes are more enormous. Someone should do a poll! Or perhaps you were too debilitated to sneeze properly, and this failure to get rid of the tickle caused the doubleness.

Nice to hear from J too.

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