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a week well spent..(F & M)


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For the past week I have been away at a camp...I thought it would be boring nad dull since i was'nt feeling very well to begin with,but it got better! :lol:

Ok...turns out...that practically everyone in teh whole camp is either sick with a cold,or suffering from allergies..so the whole week it was like at least 30 to 50 sneezes everyday.Starting from 7 in teh morning until 9 at night!I made alot of friends there,and it just so happened that i met up with two guys that i happen to have run into before,but never remembered them(oops!)...well the one guy...tom(changed name)..always sneezed int eh morning..and it just so happens that i oh so...convienently was placed next to him at the breakfast table and in the same group with him the rest of the morning.. :D:D:D:D ...anyways..he is about 5 "10" or so...close to 6 feet i'm guessing,blonde hair,big brown eyes...and extremely quiet...sooo cute!and his sneezes were quiet(go figure) and caught everytime with his hand.SO everyone morning i'd get the privilage of watching out of the corner of my eye,tom suddenly get a pre-sneeze look,that makes him look even more adorable then usual,and cup his hands over his motuh and nose and sneeze cleanly into them.Afterwards he would sniffle abit and sit still waiting to see if another will come along.:lol:...the other friend of mind..sam(name changed)sneezed rapid fire beside me once...so i was surprised,expecially since we were suppost to be quiet.They were abit high-pitched too...but all good!

also...another girl in my cabin sneezed evertime she walked in teh cabin,once or twice,they were all loud anf very open,sometimes she would spray the air wth a light mist..so i learn fast enough to move outta the way when she came in.Also..at this camp there is horseback fiding..and in my group when we went,a few people would sneeze acouple of times upon entering the barn..but ont eh trail ride i happen to be right infront of a girl who was allergic to horses so every few minutes would be interrupted with a few sneezes,all stifled and hig-pitched at the end.


sorry if u wanted more details...not to good with remembering..lol..hope u liked it anyways...:lol:

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