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John  Paul Jones from the reality show Bachelor in Paradise (2019), blowing his nose.  It doesn't sound like ADR to me, so I think it means he really honks when he blows his nose!

The intro shows him blowing his nose without a tissue into the sand, and 18:00-18:20 shows him blowing his nose like a trumpet into an orange cloth.




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Ed Roland, singer of Collective Soul, lost his voice during this show, and had to cancel it after a few songs, due to a cold. A fan jumped on stage and sang "December" for him. 7:05 is congested voice.

Still not over the cold a couple weeks later, when he and his guitarist did a live streamed acoustic set and interview for Paste Magazine:

Ed is congested and sniffling, and there is coughing from him in-between songs, but, some highlights:

5:19-5:53 - Mentions said cold, coughing

11:45 - Coughs, frustrated by it

22:10-22:22 - Complains of stuffed-up ears and head, he can't hear if his guitar is in-tune, so, his guitarist tunes it for him

28:59 - Wet cough

29:51 - Warns his guitarist to help him if his voice gives out

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