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Self Obs....I'm too nice to my cats (f)


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I haven't written self obs in a while. So, I will now. :lol:

I'm reading over it, and just thinking...this is very poorly written, sorry about that. LOL

This afternoon, I was trying to make up to my cat, Cosmo...for scaring him last night...by running into a peice of furniture in the dark while I was holding him. Nevermind that he accidently scratched my neck when he leapt out of my arms... :D but anyways. My cats are indoor cats, but they're interested in what's outside. They like to sit there and look out the window---especially if it's open. Cosmo came into the computer room, sat on the little stool we have for him next to the window, and kinda looked at me all cute-like. I was like okay okay, the air-conditioning's on, but I'll open the window for you. So I did. And he was appreciative.

With the window open, the pollen outside started to get to me...my neighbor also has a lawn-mowing buisness, so that's a bonus. I sniffled a little, just typing on the computer and stifled 3 sneezes. As I rubbed my eyes and nose I thought it was time to close the window, but I glanced over at my cat---and he was falling asleep. I stood up and was about to pick him up and move him out of the way, when a HUGE tickle took control of me and I sneezed in full force right then. "HAH-EEEiiiiiiissshhhhhooooOOOo" Well....my cat jumped up and ran away. LOL...so much for trying not to scare him. :D

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You're cat might be scared of your sneezes, but I still love them, susie. :D


Nice job on the self-obs, adn it wasn't poorly written. :lol:

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