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mini golf obs (f)


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I was out at a mini golf place in the dells last weekend. On another hole was what appeared to be a mom, dad, and teenage son. The mom was in her early fourties, about 5'6" and 140 lbs, with dark brown shoulder length hair. She was wearing a white tank top and jeans shorts. She was sitting aout 20 feet in front of me and showing me her left profile. I heard this "waa" sound(a like apple) and looked over to see her with her head way back and her mouth open. Her right hand was in her lap cupped as though ready to catch a sneeze. Suddenly her head snapped forwardwith such violence as I thought she would knock herself off of the bench and let go with a high pitched "HOO" that was practically shouted. She never did get her hand to her face though, it just stayed in her lap. Needless to say I completely tanked the next shot. About twenty seconds later she tilted her head way back and again she went "waa" and froze in place for a good second before snapping her head forward with a high pitched shouted "HOO". This time though while her head was tilted back she fished a kleenex out of her left shorts pocket and got the kleenex to her face about three quarters the way down. I only mentioned the family because after these two huge sneezes the son seemed to be mocking his mom by pretending to sneeze like her about five or six times silently. His mother ignored him and started walking up to the tee when she brought her left hand cupped up to her nose and mouth and sneezed "ha-uuh". Unfortunately the way the course was layed out I never did see her again, and I did not want to alert any members of my party as to my interest.


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Thanks for the obs! I hate it when someone's sneezing, and then you can't concentrate on whatever your doing! (happens to me at school sometimes)

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