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Okay I dont hardly ever post in here but i figured some of you may really enjoy this...Bondi, this is my first attempt at posting obs..if i get a lil better at it, i will post my insane self obs. :roll:

okay here goes,

this ob has to do with my ex bf who happens to be a really good friend of mine. we spend a lot of time together and we go to the same college. he is really supportive of me and all the times i complain about my sore muscles from cheerleading and softball. well he is a football player, defensive end. He is about 6' and about 225 lbs blonde hair and blue eyes. He has a really chisled face, but it is also still really adorable bc he has the cutest dimples. His eyes squint when he smiles too, its really rather cute. Well they have been getting killed at practice all week bc the first game is on saturday. So low and behold he calls me up in a lil baby voice telling me that he is coming down with a cold and wants me to come over and take care of him. It was really cute how big boys just whine when they are not feeling good....makes me melt ( i love taking care of big babies :D) well he is totally stuffed up and just whimpering when i got to his dorm. He is in sweats laying on his bed. I was holding him (which is funny bc i am so so so petite) but i had his head resting in my chest/shoulder. He is just breathing really erratically for about 3 minutes or so ( i am not sure) but then just starts sneezing. He normally sneezes once, maybe twice at a time but this time he was going steady between twos and threes. He takes a really deep breath in before he sneezes and then its like a cough then finishes with a "choo" ending. Its really masculine. He covers his face with both hands to kinda stifle it a little bit but his whole body was just convulsing with each sneeze. I felt so bad for him, i was just trying to cuddle him and he was just a wreck. So for the past two or three days, he has been sneezing round the clock and the fact that he is sore from football doesnt help.

another time when we were in my kitchen at my place off campus he was standing in my kitchen and he all of a sudden was bracing himself on the back of the chair. Like he was holding on and he let out two good sneezes each shaking his body....i ased what that was all about and he was like "i am so sore from football that it hurts so bad to sneeze, it just helps to hold on to something."

i hope some of u enjoy his lil suffering--

my fav part is playing nurse :oops: he is my buddy!

he is really cute. I love the boy to death he is my best friend. Girls, he is totally a beefcake and eyecandy all around.


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That is a very well written obs blnde...lol, I enjoy looking after people when they are ill as well, if you believe in astrology this is due to my being a cancerian and having strong mothering instincts...lol.

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Fabulous obs - and I agree completely, though I do feel badly when my darling is ill, it is a massive treat to take care of him and baby him back to health.

Somehow when a particularly strong man is stricken with a sneezey cold or an allergy attack there is something so sexy about that loss of control and reversal in role...

Thank you for sharing.

Be well.

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