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So in a valiant effort to a) get the physical environs of my life under control and :D stabilize relations with my stepfather, I've spent the last two days cleaning. The bathroom was yesterday, and went over very well, but prompted unhappiness about the state of my room -- which admittedly was a shambles, covered in paperwork left over from work-stuff. So I cleaned it.

Did I mention being allergic to dust? Ai.

So I thought I'd start in the most obvious place, the pile of clothes right next to, but not in, the dresser. Right. Got through all of three pieces of clothing when I had to sneeze. Okay, sure, this is to be expected, right? The tickle, the pinching feeling in the nose, sure, "hup-choo!" And, wait for it .. the second and third. "hup-choo! hup-choo!" Three's always the end of it. "Aah. [. . .] hup-chooo!! huhchoo! huhchoo! huh-CHOO! huh-CHOO!" EIGHT. EIGHT before I could get up and get to the kleenex box.

And that was only the beginning.

Every five minutes for two hours, there were another three to four sneezes. And now, it's been hours and hours since I finished, but every twenty minutes or so, there's another four sneezes.


oh hell,

here come a couple now...

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