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Finally! A male obs! hehehe

This morning I went to the grocery store to pick up a few things. There was a man outside the door, trying to sell some kind of travel package. He was very attractive. He had short black hair with light green eyes... Anyway, as I approached he ran through his sales pitch... I listened politely and took a brochure. On my way out, I passed him again. He smiled at me, and told me to have a great day. I was just about to thank him and wish him the same, when I noticed that familar look on his face...His greenish eyes closed and his lips seperated in anticipation. He tilted his head back and sneezed two powerful "Harshoos" into his hand. I giggled and said "Well, bless you!" He smiled, exposing his very white teeth before he tilted his head back once again. "Harshoo!"

"Bless you again!" I said to him. He sniffled and thanked me. I headed toward my parked car with a smile.

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:D mmmm.... nice description- he sounded very attractive. I would make sure that I had my checkbook in a Very safe place before talking to him. :) *tease*
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Guest Deutshie

Great observation! Thanks so much for sharing it. I especially loved the part where the hunk smiled at you before being overtaken by his third sneeze. I love when that happens! :D Do you suppose they smile out of embarrassment, or just because it's something to do after what to them is an awkward situation?

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