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So I am transitioning my fall and spring wardrobe, not that I have so many clothes, just that my bedroom closet is smallish and I store 2 seasons in the cedar closet in our basement.

I have sneezed now over 40 times ranging from the one which creep up without warning and are louder than normal (the kind that make you see stars) to the sort that get quite stuck and leave me sort of paralyzed whilst I wait atwixt the huh and the chishhhh or the ahhh and the sshoo.

Though it feels so good, I had to stifle a few as I carried clothing up and down the stairs so that I would not fall over which of course then made me laugh and I became useless.

I don't know which would be the better course of action, to stop as I have been and chat in between and get fresh air or to just finish the thing. My nose is driving me nuts with the tickles...okay back down I go.

Be well...

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Ohh Zed - you coy little devil I shall get to Canada one day...

Holly, thank you I was very careful, till the roof began to leak...

Dom - grab your woman and get your arses over here - LOL be well

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