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College class obs (f)


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So I was sitting in my class yesturday and there is this cute girl in the row next to me. She is about 3 seats up from me so I can watch the professor but at the same time look past her...so I have a nice view. Shes short, maybe 5'2" with long light brown hair, she isn't hot but shes pretty. Anyways to describe her nose...its not narrow but not overly huge...it fits her face but it is very cute...I would compare it to the Friends star...the one who had the baby.

Ok so she sneezes once, aschhhha, about medium soft. I didn't think anything of it, so I returned my eyes to the professor...about 10 seconds later she sneezed again....aschhhhha, the same way...then she began to search her purse...I was like you better not blow your nose. It seems like most girls after like sneeze #2 if they feel a tickle still, will blow their nose to get rid of it. Anyways this girl finds a wad of tissues takes one out and places it on her desk. Then she sneezed a third time asccccchaa....while she was still in her purse! I couldnt believe she didnt pick the tissue up or even cover her face. Her nose got so red it was unbelievable. So I knew she must have more sneezes coming and at first all she did was put the tissue up to her nose and dabbed at it but then she blew it so she stopped the tickle....i was hoping for more but none!


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No kidding Dom! Those were the days...(insert Archie and Edith Bunker singing here).

And thanks for sharing those obs, jgj! Always tried to sit towards the back of the classroom for just that reason, lol!

Take care,


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