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Female Obs In The "big Easy"


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Had the pleasure of being in New Orleans for the last four glorious days and witnessed some spectacular obs to which I may not do justice, but had to post at least this one tonight...

On Friday morning we landed, checked into this incredible B&B in the French quarter and I had a few moments to sit in the Spanish-style courtyard before heading on to Jackson square. A curvaceous blonde women came into the garden from outside with her lover and she had one arm through his and a bag in the other hand. Her hair was back in a ponytail at the nape of her neck and she wore white shorts and a white and blue boatneck 3/4 sleeve top. The garden was filled with jasmine, banana trees, oleander, lavendar, orchids and those flowers - that are bright red with yellow stalk centers that close at night - he paused to pick a brochure from the table and she looked over at me, surprised to see me and smiled broadly making that pleasant chatter, "Oh are you staying here tool?" I replied, "Yes just got in, it is gorgeous, we are it he back cottage and you?" She unlaced her hand from the man in tow and moved to stand in front of the table where I sat. "We are on the third floor, have just been shopping, and I" - now right here she started to rub her nose a little bit and she said, "Oh, I am going to sneeze, haaaachishhhh haaa chishhhhh, hatchmpf, haaachisshh!" Each sneeze bent her over at the waist except the stifle and the haa part was not a scream just pretty loud, the chissh was wet and she brought her left hand up infront of her face, but was also sort of turned to the side away from me so I could see her sneezing profile. After the volley of sneezes, she slid her hand in the pocket of her shorts and wiped her hand with a tissue, with which she also kind of squeezed her nose, pinching each nostril.

I blessed her and she nodded, looking like she might go again when the guy she was with came up and said to me,"She, has been doing this all damn day," and then to her, "Okay, I am gonna take a shower, (he waved the brochure in front of her face) this is the tour we are going on, so don't talk too long, (to me he nods and says) Have a great time, do yourself a favor and steer clear of Bourbon street on Saturday night cause after LSU kicks the shit out of the Bulldogs those red bastards will decend tails tween their legs and drown their loss in several hurricanes."

She was nodding and seemed unfazed by his excessive testosterone and that he did not bless her. So she starts talkling to me about the shops she had been to and the place that had delicious croissants and how nice the maid is and her voice is changing again, "Haaatchooo, Aaaapishhhhh!" she sneezes again. I bless her, she thanks me and she is sniffling more and she comments that she really has been sneezing all day and she hopes it is not a cold because 'Ron' the guy she is with is a major germaphobe and will make her sleep in a different room. He also hates sniffling sneezing and coughing at night when he is tryuing to sleep. I tell her I hope it is not a cold as well and comment that maybe all of these plants in this garden might trigger a decent attack and if they are all round the city added with the humidity, this might be it. We talk a little more and then, I stand to change into cooler clothes (it was about 90 with 100% humidity) and she went up the stairs on the outside of the courtyard, I heard her sneeze several more times before going in the room. Overall they were very full feminine sneezes and she had a nose like Sharon Stone that was very pink on the nostrils after all that rubbing.

I did not see her again, but then I kept some very interesting hours. There are more which I shall post tomorrow as soon as I get the chance!

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Fantastic, and beautifully detailed obs Kitty my dear :) , and really captured the spirit of the location as well. Ever considered observational travelouges as a career? :):) .

Hope that you had a fantastic time! :blushing:

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