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Two private boards have been set up on the forum. One is for adult users and the other for younger users. They are not accessible to guests or users who have not applied and been approved for their use, so they are ideal for discussion away from the eyes of the entire web, or the group of people that the discussion does not concern.

The rules for application are as follows:

1. You must NOT be a member of both boards!

2. You must have your age and birthday specified in your profile, although this doesn't need to be publicĀ (birthday and age had best match, too!)

3. You must be a registered user of the board.

4. You must send a PM to one of the board administrators/moderators to request access to either of these boards.

6. You must NOT make complaints about the length of time for an account to be activated for private board access.

Any applications in breach of the rules above will be rejected with no correspondance of any kind.

The rules exist to ensure fairness and alleviate the work burden involved in running these boards. If your application is not approved within a week, the chances are it has been rejected for one reason or another.

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If you have applied for private board membership and do not have access at the time of writing this message, then you have been denied access.

Please read the rules above. The biggest killer is number two, which I will reiterate here:

2. You must have your age, gender and birthday (these are separate fields) specified in your profile (birthday and age had best match, too!)

This is not rocket science! :drool:

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I have edited Hypnos's post above to remove references to the 18+ and 18- email addresses, since the current active staff members do not have access to those mailboxes.

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