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Ok so I was working yesturday in an office that has a door that connects to another office (its cool you wouldnt have to go into the hallway to get to it)..anyways this very attractive tall black women (21 yrs old) is sitting in the other office. She has to be 6'0" and has a great body. Anyways we had been talking and laughing back and forth, we I had to get up and ask her a question. She was turned towards the computer so I couldn't see her but all the sudden she sneezed. She tried to stifle it but it came half way atttchaaaa and then 3 seconds later another one a little more stifled atttttchhh. You could tell they were powerful because her whole body moved. I said bless you to her, shes sorta shy so she didnt say much but said thanks. I tried to get the convo to continue by saying to quiet down in there, by she just laughed. So a few minutes later I wanted to ask her for her opinion on something and I go into the office and she turns around and talks to me...and while she is she takes her pencil and taps the tip of her nose several times. I smiled and go what was that for...and she said oh I felt a sneeze coming on again...and I said wow your on a role...and again tried to get her to elaborate as to how many times she usually sneezes, etc. but she didnt.

Overall very cute and sexy sneezes

Jaime :drool:

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