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Suspicions Of A Sneeze Fetishist


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I've always imagined that one day I'll witness an action, gesture or comment that would lead me to believe I was spontaneously observing or meeting another sneeze fetishist......A couple of times in the past i've suspected it, but I was never able to prove anything.

Anyway, I went to the opticians today. As I walked in I immediately noticed the receptionist....

She was about 27, longish, slightly greasy blonde hair, with an overweight but nicely proportioned body. She was wearing black trousers with a small pink bunny embroiderd on the waistband. On top, was a light blue cardigan over a white shirt.

I quickly noticed that the pockets of the 'cardy' were stuffed with used tissues.

As soon as she spoke I knew there was a possibility of some action......she sounded very stuffy.

The optician arrived and we started talking, but all the time, one ear and one eye was on the girl, who doing a lot of sniffing and dabbing of her nose with a hankie.

Well, this optician guy really liked to talk glasses and just about every other subject. Usually I would attempt to expedite the conversation and get to the point, but on this occasion I didn't mind his ramblings, because it gave me extended viewing time.

Then the phone rang..... the girl picked it up, and this was what I think I overheard:

'You again...............'

'Yes I'm still sneezing my head off ..............' (She slightly turned away from us at this point)

'God you're so naughty.... '(Much giggling)

'OK I'll be over at 7..........' (More giggling)

see you then... bye'

'Fuck' I thought to myself.... did I really hear that ???

Of course like the other incidents I've witnessed, I'm probably never going find out whether I read this one right or not.......was that her sneeze fetishist boyfriend or husband on the other end of the phone ? ....could be, but I won't know, unless they'd like to confirm my suspicions with a post on this forum !

By the way, shortly after this incident, she obliged me with a nice wet 'Attishoo' into a hankie.

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I agree with everyone that sometimes if you're on a bus or train if some of the people around you also share our fetish. I personally might casually turn into the direction I hear a sneeze, but then immediately turn my head back.

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There is nothing like riding on buses and trains if you want to surreptitiously watch women sneezing. I thouroughly recommend it. :yes:

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