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Succumbing To His Sneezes

Guest compass281

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Guest compass281

I've been spending a lot of time with a fellow I have a crush on, and I've discovered that he sneezes more frequently than anyone else I know. He has no idea about my fetish, but he has been delighting me like none other. He's a strapping college student, very intelligent, with a warm voice and hair I'm dying to tossle. (Somday . . . .) Anyway, he recently told me he's been feeling very "allergy-ish," and it's so very true. He sneezes at lunch, at dinner, studying, walking, everywhere we go! He has a very dramatic pre-sneeze face, the kind that just screams sneeze. You look at him and there is absolutely no question of what is happening, his mouth open, face momentarily frozen in contortion, sometimes for moments, before the explosion. You can easily bless him well before the sneeze occurs, just by the look on his face. His face is so sexily desperate! His sneezes have a lot of force and quite a bit of voice, similar to Razman's stronger sneezes.

I've been lucky enough to see this fellow sneeze at least twice each day for the past week. Today, during the course of the day, he must have sneezed at least eight times. I lost track, which is rare for me!

Sometimes he announces an impending sneeze, in fact, he often does this. And this is a weakness of mine, because it draws my attention to it and lets me watch every moment in full suspense. For instance, tonight I was having dinner with him, and he took a breath and said, "I'm going to sneeze in about one minute." Then gradually his nose crinkled, his mouth opened, he froze for a moment in pre-sneeze agony. I love having an excuse to talk about sneezing, so I took the opportunity to jokingly asked him how he could know so far in advance, and for the next 30+ seconds he alternated between attempts at conversation and breathy inhales, getting stronger and stronger. Then his mouth opened wider and he sneezed into his cupped hands. I blessed him, to which he responded, "Pardon me." Oh my, oh my.

He sneezes with enough force that it could startle you if you didn't see it coming. I've told him before that it startles me and requested that he warn me first ( . . . so I can watch!!). What makes it even better is that he'll often follow it up with, "Excuse me," or, "Pardon me," after I bless him, which absolutely rocks my little world. Another time I said, "Bless you," and he responded, "No, bless you, dear." If he feels another one coming on, he'll pardon himself and then say, "I'm going to do it again," as his eyes slowly close.

I've been lucky enough to see him sneeze when we're out to dinner and when we're walking side by side together outside among many other places, and for some reason I never feel the need to turn away or avert my eyes. I go ahead and watch every delicious moment.

He's driving me slowly mad! I've always found him attractive, and now whenever I picture him I conjure an image him fighting an impending sneeze! It's almost too much to take! :yes:

I've never posted in the community before, but I would *love* to talk about this fellow's sneezes with someone who understands how exciting they are to me, so please feel free to e-mail me or just post here. Please write!

Mod Note: Removed contact info ~Mute

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Guest Deutshie

Does he have a gay identical twin brother? :yes: LOL. Just joking my dear. You are one lucky lady. I hope this relationship takes you to where ever you want to go.

Best of luck.


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*mmmmm* :yes:

gosh I should have thought about using the excuse of being startled in order to get warnings. :rolleyes::yes:

Sounds delicious and great fun! Wishing you more "sightings", he sounds just too adorable.

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mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm......lucky girl!

I know I would be interested in updates... :yes:

Thanks for sharing, and have fun!!


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Utterly delectable - how I love those forewarned explosive manly sneezes or actually screw it, I love the ones which make me jump as well no warning whatsoever - LOL Really nice obs - thanks so much for sharing!


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Fascinating account - thank YOU.

A couple of things intrigue me. Though your chap seems very sneezy, he seems to sneeze in singles or at the most doubles - is that right ? Ever seen a fit ?

The other thing is the length of time of the build up - finally someone who seems to take even longer to get a sneeze out that I do! 30 seconds is about average for me, and a minute is not uncommon - but not every time ! I suppose he takes almost as long to get the second sneeze out too ?

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