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So I was in my Canadian history class today, trying to focus on some somewhat dry material (Cold War... ZzzZzz). And as usual, classmates began filing in around whatever seats are available. A guy sits to my left, and another guy sits to my far right.

The guy to my left, tall, brown hair, pretty good looking person, suddenly starts itching his nose and lets out a nice double. Ha-itch sounding. He then sneezed a whole 15 more times, and the class was only one hour! :nohappy:

The guy to my right was trying to hard to be quiet with sneezing, it was hard not to take notice. He kind of tried blocking his sneezes unsuccessfully so it was more of a ha-Pshh thing wth his cheeks, but they were still very nice build ups that I completely lost track of school over.

At this rate, my marks.... :huh:

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Great obs. But just think how lucky you are being able to observe from the side without anyone noticing you. Just imagine that your lecturer had the same "interest" as you...

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