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Okay, I have this very sneezy friend named Taylor. We met back in junior high. She is the sneeziest person I know. She moved out of state few years ago.. :P ... but we still talk on the phone quite often. She looks very much like the actress Danika Mckellar, who played Winnie Cooper on "The Wonder Years." Very large brown eyes, a cute little button nose, and very long brown hair. Our phone conversation went something like this..

Taylor..... So, what are your plans for Thanksgiving?

hollyberry..... I think we are spending it up north.

Taylor.... Awww man.. I eh eh he hieschooo eh eh hieschooo hieschooo

hollyberry.... bless you, Tay. You okay?

Taylor.... yeah, thanks.. I've been sneezing all day... eh eh hieschoo hieschoo

hollyberry... awwwww yeah, I know it's hayfever season... everyone is sneezing like crazy.

Taylor... yeah.. eh eh he he hieschoo hieschooo hieschooo eh he he hieschoooo

hollyberry... bless you babe

Taylor.... thanks

At this point in our conversation, she blows her nose a few times and we continue to chat... she sniffles and sounds stuffy for the rest of our conversation. Her sneeze is very very loud and forceful.. The hi sound in the beginning is very high pitched and feminine..

Anyway thought I'd share... may post about some of my sneezy experiences with Taylor sometime in the future... boy, what a great sneezer..

:D hollyberry

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wow, that's nice Hollyberry, thanks for sharing. You sure have some sneezy friends :P

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Well told. Sounds like she really struggles from Hayfever. I had a friend like that too. Everything made her sneeze and a conversation would never go by without her mentioning her allergies or sneezing. Those are good memories.

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The problem always is do you tell them that their sneezes are of great interest to you, as it were? I have that problem all the time.

I had a platonic female friend of 18 years standing, stay with me last April. I counted 23 sneezes in the week she was here and they were only the ones I knew about. I find it very difficult, at times, to cope, especially after a few drinks. Mention this fetish and a friendship can be ruined. What to do?

Anyway, Hollyberry, on a lighter note, I knew a Taylor a few years ago who indulged me my fetish without complaint and was very good at it.

I am sure we would like to hear more about your friend in the future.

Stay beautiful

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Guest peacemaker

I have a female friend who suffers from sinus problem.She sneezes whenever she is hit on her nose at a particular spot.She is also very sensitive to pepper and often sneezes in multiples of upto 10 cute sneezes. Boy, do i love that! :drool:

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Beautiful obs - mmmm I adore that. I have had a few female friends over the years who were sneezey like that it is a good thing. I like it better though when the opportunity presents itself to share in the fetish.

It is so nice and um so arousing.... :drool:

Thank you for sharing...


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