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Flowers from my Valentine


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I have had a cold for about a week now. Right now I’m having a sneezy and sniffly in bed kind of Saturday. Sniffling makes me feel like sneezing and sneezing makes me feel like sneezing again and again.

Funny, the sneezes seem to have picked up since I got this delivery this morning. Flowers, from my valentine. :cheers::innocent: It’s a bouquet of roses, carnations, and Stargazer lilies that fill my apartment with fragrance and make my nose tickle twice as much as before.

I’ve sneezed about 3 times while writing this. Wait…(sneezes) four. My nose is all pink and I still feel plenty more sneezes on the way. Like that one I just sneezed, and that one too. :blushing:

Thought some of you would like to know. :D

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Oops, sorry, I didn't mean to get the kind of flowers that make you sneeze. ;)

Um...well...okay, yeah... :laugh::mellow:

But anyway, bless you, cutie! :P

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I've definitely missed seeing your always masterful obs, Susie. Thanks for sharing with us, and cheers to Bondi as well for his chivalrous/well-thought-out gift :mellow:

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