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Well the SO and I had decided to celebrate Valentine's day in our usual laissez-faire manner of not bothering at all, but after spotting the M&S dine in for £20 offer, we decided that we couldn't resist a three course meal on the cheap and splashed out.

Anyway, the dine in offer included a long stem rose and being the non-traditionalists that we are, the SO picked up a closed white bud which has since bloomed into a truly perfect flower and handed it to me. I brought it to my nose and inhaled the sweet fragrance, and even though I am not allergic to roses, I felt a slight tickle in my sinuses. Laughing, we purchased our meal and then decided to buy some wine from a different shop. Getting into the car, I was holding my newly acquired rose and couldn't resist inhaling the beautiful fragrance once more. This time, as I inhaled, the slight tickle from earlier blossomed into a fully formed HAAAITSCHEEEEEW, which had my partner jokingly threatening to confiscate my flower.

Later that night after a meal of Coque St. Jacques, Sirloin steak and white Belgian chocolate and raspberry cheesecake... pure decadence... we sat down to drink our way through a bottle of white wine. After half a glass, my eyes and sinuses were itching slightly and I knew that the sneezes weren't far behind. As I was pouring my second glass, the first HAAAHPTSCHOOOOO snuck up on me and I had to move very quickly to prevent the wine from landing on the couch instead of in my glass!

About twenty minutes later, the itching built up into a long, drawn out sneezing fit, with the first sneeze a round, rich and due to the alcohol consumption, completely unconstrained HAAAHeeehhtSCHEEEEW. About a minute later my eyelids started to slip close as my breath hitched with a second, identical sounding sneeze. About fifteen minutes and seventeen sneezes later the sneezing fit ended.

A glass of wine later, I had another mini-fit, with seven sneezes over the course of about five minutes.

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Golly, that sounds like a perfect evening indeed. How nice that your rose worked so well. And a fit of seventeen sounds just about right for a romantic time to be had by all!

I saw that advert too! M and S getting it right without, for once , all that silly overblown food description...

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