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Soccer Field Obs (m)


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Last weekend we went to a soccer game at a local park near our house. Just as we were leaving, we ran into an old friend. He is about 5'10 with a nice build. A very very nice looking man, with brown hair and blue eyes. I have always found him very pleasing to the eye. He has such a nice smile, with super straight white teeth. Well, I had never seen him sneeze before.... until last weekend. Midway through our conversation, he raised his hand up to his nose, and turned away from us. He got that yummy pre-sneeze look.. his eyebrows raised and his eyes closed. He breathed in a few short rapid breaths before sneezing softly into his hand... Such a nice sneeze! Very breathy and soft.. mmmmmmm He sneezed only once, but I was thrilled to witness it.. :dead: After he sneezed, he looked over at me with teary eyes, sniffled and said, "Excuse me." I smiled and blessed him and we continued our conversation. I was one happy girl that afternoon.. :drool:

:P hollyberry

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