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runaway. with. me.<3 - (2 Parts)


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I could feel his warm breath on my cheek. I could here his voice in my ear. It was music. He was mine. All mine. And I was as happy as I'll ever be.

Jake brushed my bright blue bangs out of my eyes and again whispered into my ear, "Kelc, Lets go. Lets get out of here. How about it?" His grey blue eyes looking deep into mine. How could I say no to something that gorgeous.

"Of course." I replied twirling the peace sign necklace he had given me in my hands. Sydney, my 'best friend', would be too high to notice I was gone.

My mom and brother would throw a party. And my father, please, he can deal.

Jake grabbed his phone,and keys and we hurried to the car. He unlocked the door, and we both got in. The touch of his icy leather seats made me shiver, "Where to this time?" I asked, this was normal for us.

"First, we get the boys." He started the car.

"Right." That was always the first thing we did when we went on one of our 'getaways'.

We pulled into Matt's driveway, walked up to his front door, and let ourselves in. Matt was sitting on the couch, and Kyle was getting something out of the fridge, most likely beer. We both sat down on the couch next to the guys, and Kyle came back in holding a coke.

"You took my seat man!" Kyle shouted taking a sip of his coke.

"Dude, chill. It doesn't matter anyway. We're leaving."

"And since when do you drink coke? Oh wait, don't tell me. They've come out with an alcoholic coke?" I asked smirking.

"Yeah man, you usually are stocked with beer." Jake said.

"Nah, actually my mom got rid of it all. She thought it was my dad who was finishing them so quickly. She said he should 'lay off the beer for awhile' and dumped the whole thing in the trash."

"She thought it was your father?" I asked, "She must be clueless. You're drunk every fucking night!"

"Yeah, I guess she just doesn't really pay attention of my life very much."

"Or care about your well being." I said.

"I don't give a fuck Kelc."

"Come on guys,we're leaving. Get your off your fat asses and get in the car." Jake said eager to leave.

It took some convincing, but after a while we finally got the guys to get in the car. Jake and me were in the front, and Matt and Kyle in the back. Jake of course was driving, as it was his car, plus I would never even think about letting Matt or Kyle drive, they would kill us.

"So, where exactly are we going?" Asked Matt.

"Who knows. Who ever knows. All we do is drive until we see some place where we can get fucked up without getting caught. Then we stay there." Said Kyle.

"Come on guys, why do we always have to get high or drunk, we could do something else. You guys are gunna fucking die from doing all that shit." I said getting annoyed at thier obbsession with drugs and alcohol.

"Maybe Kelc is right, besides, I don't know if I'm up for that tonight." Jake said.

"Aw come on! Why do you have to ruin all our fun man. All we wanna do is a get a little crazy!" Matt whined.

"Kelc doesn't want to, and neither do I, so were not gunna!" Jake yelled.

"You know what Jake? Fuck you." said Kyle.

"Eh, you'll get over it."

Kyle and Matt started to talk in the back seats, so I just looked out the window for some time, until something caught my attention.

"Kshh!" Jake sneezed, his head jerking forward misting his shirt, "hihh..kshh!!" and again uncovered towards his shirt.

My heart skipped a beat I swear. I was staring at him in amazement, as for all this time I've been dating him, I had never heard him sneeze, ever! And you don't even know how much I was enjoying this.

"Bless you," I managed to speak sounding casual. Although how I do not know, because just this simple thing, was turning me on so much. Oh how I wish he would do it again.

Jake sniffed, "Thanks babe."

For the next few minutes Jake kept sniffling adorabely. I wanted him to sneeze so badly. I just had to be patient.

"What time is it?" Kyle asked.

"Uhh, its like nine thirty." Jake responded.

I was listening for any possible songestion in his voice, but could hear none. He probably wasn't getting sick anyway, he only sneezed twice.

"hihh..ahh-KSHH! KSHH! hihh..ihh..huh-kshh!" Jake paused, but he still had a sneezy expression on his face. "hihhh...ihhh...huhhh..." his breath hitched and he looked so helpless, there was another pause, "huh-KSHH!!" He looked up with glassy eyes.

"Bless you, you okay Jake?" I asked him. I tried to play it cool and sound concerned.

"I think so. I just still need to sneeze god damn it!" He replied sniffing miserably. His breath kept hitching for what seemed like to be an eternity until he finally his nose got the best of him, "Hihh-kshh! KSHH! Chh! huhh-KSH! huh...hiihh..TSCHH!" He sniffed wetly.

"Holy shit bless you!" I said.

"Thanks, but I know you must think I'm really gross right now. I can't even use my hand to cover them up -KSHH! ahh-TSCHH!--fuck, sorry."

"Jake, don't worry about it. I just want to know if you're okay?" I asked him.

"I don't know Kelc, I keep having to sneeze, like right now its.. hiihh...its..tor hihh..ture. ehhh... oh shit.. kshh! kSH! ihh-KSH! huhh..ihh..TSCH! TCHh!"


"I don't....Chh! know!"

"Well could ya shut up? I'm trying to sleep here."

"Give him a break Matt! Can't you see that he is uncomfortable? And its not even that late, why are you sleeping?" I asked.

"Yeah well if he keeps sneezing he's going to drive us into a cliff, and maybe because I feel like sleeping."

"Don't you mean off a cliff dumbshit?"

"Yeah what the fuck ever." Matt said.

I glanced back over to Jake who was sneezing yet again. He just jerked his head foreward, violently and completely stilfed it.

"Jake! Don't do that! Seriously, you'll hurt yourself, plus who cares about what Matt thinks. He doesn't know shit." I said trying to get him to stop stifiling. It looked like it was painful to him. His head jerked foreward and his whole upper body trembled. Besides, it was hotter when he just let his sneezes out.

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Heehee, this is le cute ;) I'd run away with that guy... :D

I like your allergic-itchy-sounding spellings, too. Oh yes.

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ok sorry i havenntt posted chpater two yett! im so sorry. i havent had time to write it anndd stuff. so yeahh its almost done then imma postt itt. agaain IM SORRY FOR THE DELAY! ;]

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this is hilarious, because...

my name's kelsey, my boyfriend's name is jake, and your story sounds a LOT like my obs. xDDD

great story though! keep writing!<333 :cry:

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CHAPTER TWWO!! FINALLLY! sorrry it toook so long!

After a few minutes Jake stopped sneezing an incredible amount of times, and just started sneezing every few minutes. They were half stifled and sounded completely adorable, just like "huh..Cxsst" I blessed him every time smiling to myself. We kept driving for a while longer until around ten forty five we stopped in a little parking area for campers near the woods.

"Okay so I'm not really sure where we're supposed to go, so is this okay? We just sleep in the car?" Asked Jake.

"Sure." I said.

Matt and Kyle were already asleep in the back seats, and me and Jake had the front. As we both tried to fall asleep every once in a while I'd hear Jake sneeze, and I blessed him until I was too tired to talk, and eventually we both fell asleep.


When I woke up, Matt, Kyle and Jake were all already outside. I put my jacket back on, in case it was cold outside, and got out of the car. Huh, I thought, not as cold as I had expected, actually quite warm! I walked over to the guys and they were all sitting on the ground in a circle. Kyle was telling stupid most likely perverted jokes, and Matt was cracking up on the ground basically pissing himself. Nothing out of the ordinary, because this was actually quite ordinary.

"Hey Kelc! Come here!" Jake said and gestured for me to come and sit on his lap.

"Okay babe," I ran over to him and sat down on him.

"AWWW... so adorable," Said Matt.

"Your just jealous that you can't get a girlfriend and I can!" Jake taunted.

Kyle laughed, "Well hes got a point there..."

"Shut up!" Matt yelled.

"Kelc, get up for a sec..." Jake told me.

I hopped up from his lap and looked down at him. "Am I too fat? Am I hurting you?"

"No! No! Kelc, come on, your not fat at all. I just thought I was going to sneeze thats all."

"Ohh, you're still sneezing??" I asked, trying not to look to excited.

"Yeah! That bitch has allergies! He's been sneezing all fucking morning!" Kyle said.

"Oh so allergies is why you were sneezing last night so much?" I asked.

"Well I guess, but I didn't think it was that last night, because well, it was night, and it wasn't like we even had the windows open or anything, but thats the most logical answer, so I guess yeah." He said as I got back on his lap.

"Aww. I'm sorry, I didn't even know that you had allergies! Are they bad? It seems like it! Last night you sneezed more than I ever have in my like... life!!"

"Yeah it sucks, and you know what sucks more? I didn't bring any allergy medicine or anything, so yeah... I'm pretty much fucked! And yeah just ahead of time, I'm sorry for all the sneezing."

"Jake! Don't worry about it, really. I don't care if you sneeze. I don't think its gross or anything. I'm totally okay with it." [hahaha Kelc is devilishh. saying that she doesnt mind.. PSHH. she loves it. hahaha]

"Okay hold that thought..." I felt Jake turn away from me, and I couldn't help but look. He took a breath and then jerked his head towards the ground "Ch! Ch! Chh!"

"Bless y-" I started, but was interupted by Matt.

"Save it... he's not done, trust me."

"Yeah, he'll probably sneeze like twenty billion more times until at least he's done for now." Kyle added.

"Wow that sucks major balls." I said as Jake sneezed some more.

Although I was in total HEAVEN, I tried to show concern for Jake's persistent sneezing. And since I was sitting on his lap, every time he sneezed I felt part of the spray hit my leg. But hey, I wasn't complaining. ;] Just blessing him despite what stupid little Kyle, and Matt said.

"I'm hungryy," Kyle complained.

"Well that's no suprise.." Said Matt.


"Ohhh, Kyles using big words! I'm so scared!!" Matt said.

"Do you even know what that means?" Jake asked. After all, Kyle wasn't the smartest knife in the jar, or in the drawer, or was it the cookie? Well whatever the fuck the saying is, I'm trying to say that well, Kyle is a DUMB ASS!

"Uhh... so what if I don't bitch..."

We laughed, no surprise there!

"Guys, don't argue, who cares anyway. We have some food in the trunk I think. " Jake said running his hand under his nose.

"WOOT WOOT!" Matt said as he and Kyle wrestled each other to get to the trunk first.

"Dorks..." I said. Me and Jake laughed, and then Jake started to twirl my long blonde and blue hair in his fingers.

"You're so pretty, you know that Kelc?"

"Thanks Jake," I smiled, just enjoying the moment. There was only one possible thing I could think of to make it better....

At the same moment that I was imagining the possible fantasy's in my head, Jake turned away, still grasping onto my hair "Ah-Chh! kssh! huh-Cshhh!" he paused a second before again turning away, but letting go of my hair, "Kshh. .Chh!" Jake sniffed. "Jesuss... sorry about that."

"Babe seriously, Hear me out. ITS OKAY!! And by the way, bless you." I was still smiling. This was just what I was fantasizing about, Jake sneezing some more.

Matt and Kyle both come back holding bags of chips in their hands, stuffing their faces, and laughing, all at the same time.

"What's so funny?" I ask, "Did Matt piss himself again?"

Kyle turned to look at Matt and burst out laughing again and Matt shoved him, and he soped laughin "Uhh I mean.. duh no..."

"Then whats the real reason?"

By this time they were both cracking up and in hysterics, until Matt finally said, " Well.. because...JAKE SOUNDS HILARIOUS WHEN HE SNEEZES! HE DOESN'T SNEEZE LIKE A PERSON SHOULD!" They were both still laughing, " HE SOUNDS LIKE A GIRL! ITS SO FUNNY!"

"Wow guys... way to be not drunk..." I said.

"We aren't!" Matt cried, "We're serious! I mean listen! Jake sneezes like a fucking little girl!"

"Well I think Jake's sneeze is CUTE. So take that Matthew!" I blurt out.

Matt and Kyle looked at each other, and then to Jake and both burst into childish laughter, for the millionth time today.

"Thanks Kelc.." He said, sort of blushing, " I didn't think my sneeze was girly..."

"It isn't!" I cried, "Really Jake, Matt's just jealous that his sneeze isn't as cute as yours!"

Jake laughed, "Yeah I'm totally sure Matt is oh so jealous..." He suddenly stopped smiling and sort of looked away, blank staring into nowhere. Strange.. unless...

"Jake?" I asked. Oh yes I knew where this was going, but Me being the torturous girlfriend that I am, I would talk through it.

"Yeah" I could hear his breath getting uneven.

"You okay?"

"Yeahh...I just.." he paused, "Huh-Chh..Cshh, Ah-Chh!"

"Bless you!"

Matt burst out laughing again, "How do you think Jake sneezing is cute?" Kyle joined in laughing.

"Oh shut up and go fuck a tree Matt,"

"Yeah, you too Kyle, you and your INCHHH LONGGGG." Jake said smirking.

"Oh. No. You. Did. Not just insult my dick."

"Oh yes he did!" Matt shouted while still laughing.

"Kshh!" Jake unexpectedly sneezed, and I don't think he was expecting it either because he didn't have enough time to turn all the way around.

"Oh snap. Did I just get you? I'M SORRY! That was gross of me. Sorry Kelc!"

I was about to answer when I saw that Kyle had been mocking Jake. "Kyle why don't you shut up and go get a penis enlargement and stop being a bitch!" I said in a joking sort of way, "Oh and Jake, its okay."

"HEY! My dick is not THAT SMALL!" Kyle shouted, " Is it? MATT! Is my dick small?"

"Yeah, you'd probably need a microscope to even SEE it!" Matt yelled.

"OH SNAP!" Kyle shouted, " This is more serious than I thought!

Kyle started running around in circles screaming about his smallish sized dick, Matt just stood there basically dieing of laughter because of Kyle, and I just sat there staring at Jake, and Jake just sat there and was about to sneeze....again.


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Hahahaha, nice story, I'm really glad that you continued it.

Me too! The guys are such dorks but funny. :)

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It's been a wile, but are you still going with this story??? It's so good!

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Hmm. I'm not sure. I wasn't planning on finishing it, because I didn't think it was that good. Should I?


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Hmm. I'm not sure. I wasn't planning on finishing it, because I didn't think it was that good. Should I?


Ahh,, YES! This story is the best! :P

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