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so for anyone who read that last obs i wrote, with my friend having the random sneeze attack- this is that same class again. so we have a rule that when someones cell phone goes off in class, if the person brings in cookies for everyone the next day, they can avoid their detention. so we were getting cookies today thanks to this random kid in my class and Mr. Hot (as im gonna call him- very young and very cute!) was walking through the desks holding the container as we each took one. so just as he was behind me- i heard him put the container on someones desk and say "Ah...one second..." a few of the kids sitting in that area, including me, confused, looked up. "what?" some kid said. "i have to sneeze..." he said, looking at the tissue box---across the room. "and i dont think you guys would want me to sneeze on the cookies, right?" he reached over me and tore off some of the paper towel from the overhead cart, folded it a bit just as he got into major pre-sneeze face mode, nose kind of scrunching up, and (STANDING RIGHT NEXT TO ME!!!) sneezed a loud "..hheeEHHHAAAAAASSHHUU!!!!!" into the paper towel. it was so forceful he was bent over at the waist after! "BLESS YOU!" a bunch of the girls yelled. (including me on this one) :cry: he said thanks, balled up the tissue and leaned over this kid N who sits next to me to throw it into the trash. he sniffled a bit and said "ugh- sorry guys! i just could feel that one coming..." it was SOOOO cute!!!! :sick:

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:) I would have seriously melted into a puddle of goo!

Why are teacher sneezes more exciting than normal ones?

Well written obs. Liked it

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