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ANOTHER amazing Rommie obs


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I can't even believe my luck today. The obs from earlier today (cereal sneezes) started my day out, and now this obs at the end of the day ... just wow!

M and I were looking on my laptop at the weather (hoping for another snow day ... cross your fingers) and we were in really close proximity. Our arms and legs were touching and our heads were really close together. All of a sudden I feel her body tense up and hear her begin to hitch. I think, no way, not now, how can I be that lucky?!

M then brings her arm up and sneezes into her elbow, "Heh, hih kggxt, hih kggxt ... heh, heh, het-choo, heytchoo ... hih, hetchiioo ... heh, HEYTCHIIOO!!" Not only was the fit amazing, but I could feel her body tremble with each sneeze. It was fantastic.

"Bless you!" I said.

:sniff: "Ugh, thanks. I hate that," she replied.

"Hate what?" I asked.

"Sneezing and not being able to catch your breath!"

I love my roomie!

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