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The 1st sneezes came from my friend E. She has blond hair that she dyes auburn red & 5 foot 6 inches tall w/ a slender build. She loves unusual clothes,heels, and experimenting with stage makeup. Anyway she sneezed without warning a 3-syllable Ha-PISSSH-oo the end somewhat high pitched another followed moments later hah..ih-PISH-ooo! She sniffed & thanked those who blessed her.

30 minutes later a girl who sits near me J started sneezing. J is short & petite with shoulder length brassy blond hair & dark green eyes. Her 1st one was stifled & when she was blessed she responded with a "not done". A minute or so later she sneezed a HapSHOO! Few secs later Hupchew! A few minutes passed before a desperate HapCHEEW!! Followed by a few hitching breasts & an identical sneeze. One of her guy friends started teasing her for sneezing so loud and so much to which she responded with a "shuh..huh..HASHEEW!!! God...ugh! Shut up!" He continued to pick on her & she threatened to contaminate his air. The prof told them to be quiet. Fast foward through 'round 5 more irritated dramatic sneezes & you get to my fave part. J sneezed a loud HAPCHOOO! Haaah CHEEW!! Stifles one & then says "Quit!" Sneezes again then loudly demands for something to stop & stomps her foot for emphasis. Our prof asks her who she's talking to. Her response:


He just looked at her a few moments puzzled then says "Ooookay, do you mind keeping it down? People might think you've LOST YOUR FLIPPIN' MIND!...-continues lecture in monotone-"

:rolleyes: I love the randomness

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:rolleyes: OOO MY GODDD!!, these gotta be some of the best obs iv seen, how did you compose yourself. You are so lucky I never get obs like this. Soo good thanks for sharing.
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Oh, how I miss college lectures! You lucky, lucky gal that you still get to experience these types of observations!

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I somehow managed to stay composed aside from a giggle at the end but i have no idea what prof talked about after that. Too busy trying to remember each detail so i could share. Glad ya like :yes:

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