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This is my very first fanfiction so please, go easy on me. This is a story that I've been working on for a while and this is the only part of the story that's sneeze related.

Title: Thactrical Sneeze

Author: Scent

Disclaimer: Mine






What's the story about: Allergies

As Justin walked onto the stage and started his performance, he suddenly felt his nose starting to itch. As he continued his performance with Melinda, the feeling in his nose continued to grow stronger to the point where his eyes started to slighty water, as he tried his best to quietly stifle the oncoming sneeze. But suddenly.....hhhhhh.....hhhhh......hhhhhh.....Etchoo!Etchoo!Etchoo! 'You ok'? Melinda whispered. Etchoo!Etchoo!Etchoo! AsJustin walked off stage having a sneezing fit, his understudy John walked on stage taking over for him.

As he leaned up against the wall backstage, Marshall his boss came walking up to Justin. 'You ok Justin? Marshall asked. Some....hhhh......hhhh....Etchoo!Etchoo!Etchoo! 'God Bless you' Marshall said. Tha.....haaa.... etchoo! Thanks. Ugh! He dug into his pocket and blew his nose with his hankerchief. Ugh! He sighed deeply. Someone out there has got on a ver...ery....hhh....Etchoo! Etchoo!'God Bless You Justin' Marshall said. Ugh! Thanks In a muffled voice.As Justin blew his nose again. Ugh! Someone's got on a very strong perfume out there. 'When did this start Justin? 'It just started a few mintues ago when I was out there with Melinda on stage' Justin said.Don't you have any allergy pills you can take Justin? Marshall said. 'Most of them put me to sleep' Justin said. Well, we won't know if maybe it could possibly be her until she comes back stage.

After a while, the first act was done. Afterwards, John walked backstage. He walked up to Justin.'Hey man, how you feeling'? I'm all right i guess. I thikn it may be allergies. 'You're kidding'? Allergies to what? Work? John chuckled. 'We think it may be Melinda because that's when it seem to start. Suddenly, Melinda came walking in backstage. As she walked towards Justin, suddenly Justin's nose started to get the same terrible burning itch from before. Than suddenly....hhhhh....Etchoo!Etchoo!Etchoo!Etchoo!Etchoo!Ecthoo!Etchoo! Trying to catch his breath, he couldn't take any more. He walked away having another sneezing fit. Etchoo!Etchoo!Etchoo!Etchoo!Etchoo!Etchoo!Etchoo!Etchoo!Etchoo!Etchoo!Etchoo!Etchoo!Etchoo!Etchoo!

'Is he ok'? Melinda asked? 'Melinda. are you wearing any perfume? Marshall asked. 'Yes. Why you ask? 'Apparently Justin's allergic to your perfume and it's effecting his performance' Marshall said. 'I'm so sorry, I had no idea'. Melinda said. That's ok. Marshall said. 'Do you have another perfume that you can wear Melinda? 'Yes I have a few at home. Melinda said. 'I'll go wash it off'. As Melinda walks to the ladies room to wash off the perfume, Justin walks back in the room. 'You ok Justin'? Marshall asked. 'Yea, I'm ok'. Well, I talked to Melinda, and she's going to wear a different perfume. She's in the restroom now washing it off. Marshall said. 'O.k., thanks Marshall'.Justin said. What if my allergies continue even after she wears a different perfume? 'You heard of allery shots? .

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Just so you know, fanfiction is fiction about a certain fandom. If the characters are yours, it's original fiction.

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Pretty good for a first timer. :D You spelled "theatrical" wrong. Hehe. Just letting you know...

Thanks for your opinion :bleh: . Sorry about the mispelling. :bleh:

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