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Last night i had a really great night with my gf d,it was made even better cause experienced another one of her fantastic sneezes :) We were snuggling up on the sofa and were having a bit of a kiss (it was fantastic :drool: ) and cuddle,whilst we were kissing she pulled away with her beautiful pre sneeze face *melting* i was still looking into her eyes when she realised a huge "hhhaaasshhoo",her head propelled forward onto my chest :drool: she looked up at me and said "sorry hun", i was bursting inside and couldnt do nothing else but continue to kiss her :drool: . It was AMAZING :drool: WHAT A GREAT NIGHT :drool:

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haha that has so happened to me with my girlfriend....most amazing experience. still, you are totally lucky.

it is wonderful isn't it? :angry:

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