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Diary of a fetishist - London trip


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Airport and flight to London day 1

Apart from my own sneezing I had the opportunity to witness a few rather nice sneezes whilst in the airport. A very attractive American man in his mid-twenties was sat in Starbucks having a cup of coffee and reading a newspaper when he got that delicious pre-sneeze face we all love so much! Since I was stood in the line waiting for my hot chocolate was perfectly placed to watch as his eyes glazed over, his jaw slackened and his nose twitched with the force of the upcoming sneeze. As his breath hitched he grabbed a paper napkin off the table, brought it up towards his face and let fly with a delicious sounding RAAAAAHHRTSCHHHHUUUUM that caused my cheeks to flush red it was that sexy. Still watching him, he pulled the napkin away from his nose, folded it over and dabbed at his nostrils with it put didn't lower the napkin away from his nose. Less than thirty seconds later he snapped forward with a second, identical sounding sneeze and I had to bite my lip to suppress the tiny whimper that wanted to escape in response to that sneeze.

In the departure lounge I was lucky enough to witness a young woman, maybe twenty years old at the most, launch into a spectacular "machine gun" sneezing fit that drew stares from the people around her as it went on for about twenty seconds. I have no idea how many times she sneezed as I was engaged in conversation with my SO and I couldn't really divert my attention fully without drawing attention to my "more than polite interest" in this wonderful sneezing fit, but by the time she was finished she was left slightly winded and red cheeked from not having been able to draw a breath.

On the flight to London I wasn't paying as much attention to my surroundings due to the problems I was having with my own sinuses but there are three sneezes that I can remember. The first came from one of the air hostesses as she was giving the in flight safety demonstration and was a beautiful sounding hiiiitchSCHEEEW that she stifled into the back of her left hand as she demonstrated how to fit the oxygen mask. The second and third sneeze came from what sounded like a middle aged man somewhere in front of me and were deep sounding HAAHHHHRTSCHHHHHHUMMMMMs.

London day 1

Got to witness several sneezes as we got the tube out to our rented accommodation. The first was from an african caribbean woman in her late forties and sounded something like HAAHHTCHIIIIIII. The second, third and fourth sneezes were from a man in his late fifties who seemed to be struggling with a cold and were all stifled into a large blue handkerchief and sounded something like HUUUUUHHHHHRTPLHHHHF. The final sneeze was a delicate CHOOOO from a woman in her thirties.

Whilst out to dinner with my friend that evening she had to ask for the vase of flowers on our table to be moved as she is horrendously allergic to all flowers and within minutes of sitting down had launched into one of her typical sneezing fits. Her sneezes sound something like HIIIHHTchhooo and she must have sneezed about ten times before the flowers were removed.

London day 2

As I mentioned in my other post today was used to visit relatives in Oxfordshire so there was not much opportunity to people watch but on the way back we stopped into a country pub for dinner and as well as my own sneezing fit, I got to hear three sexy sneezes from the man sitting behind me. They sounding something like WAHHHHHHTSCHHHT and were each separated by about thirty seconds and left me feeling rather spellbound....

London day 3

The only sneezes that I witnessed today happened in the theatre. The first sneezes came in the shape of a double HAAHHHHCKKKTSCHHHT from a young man sitting behind me and to the right. During the first act the girl sat behind me sneezed a very girly sounding AhhhhTISHOoooo that sounded absolutely divine, and luckily for me she chose to sneeze two more identical sounding sneezes during the second act. Finally, as we were leaving the theatre the man who was walking down the stairs in front of me paused before stumbling forward with the force of three completely silent sneezes.

London day 4

Today proved to be a good day for obs.... the first sneezes of the day came from a young asian woman who was sat opposite me on the tube into central London and who as we pulled into one of the stations raised her fist to her nose in time to stifle two wet sounding HEHHHHSCCCHHHHSSSTs.

Walking through London playing the tourist in the sunshine I was treated to about twenty sneezes throughout the day but decided to only note down those that truly caught my attention. The first of the interesting sneezers was a young italian woman who had a very deep, masculine sounding HEHHHTSCHMMPHHH that was such a contradiction to her delicate feminine features. The second was a polish woman in her mid thirties who was sat in a cafe at the tower of London having lunch when she grabbed the napkin off of her lap and sneezed three deliciously rich sounding HAIIIIITSCHHHHUUUUUUUUHs.

Later as we caught the coach to airport the man opposite me sneezed two harsh sounding HEHHHHCKSCHHTs.

Airport and flight home day 4

The airport was a bit of a duff sneeze wise as I only witnessed one hehhhtSCHEEEW from a female security guard as we went through to the departure lounge. On the plane we were sat in front of two Americans, one of whom was having problems with his sinuses!!! Over the course of the hour flight I was treated to about ten stifled EHHHHTSCHTTs from him that proved the perfect end to the weekend!

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Beautiful Kat. The female ones at least. Tell me, how did you know the nationalities of those women? The Italian and the Polish I mean?


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Beautiful Kat. The female ones at least. Tell me, how did you know the nationalities of those women? The Italian and the Polish I mean?


Lambo... I guess to some extent I was presuming nationality based upon the fact that one was speaking Italian and the other was speaking Polish, both of which are fairly distinct languages. I guess that the woman speaking Italian could have been Croatian or could just have been bilingual, and the same could have been true of the person speaking Polish.

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