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So, our area has had some warmer, sunnier days, and I decided to take advantage of them by inducing outside. Now, I have induced quite a bit, but never before outdoors, and I'm surprised that I didn't think of it earlier...I'm just the tiniest bit photic, and I look at bright lights or the sun when trying to help a stuck sneeze come out. So, I put a handkerchief, a few q-tips, and a pair of gloves (in case my hands got chilly) in my coat pockets and headed out into the backyard.

I stood for a moment, enjoying the fresh air and sunshine before pulling out a q-tip and inserting it into my left nostril. As usual, I spent a bit of time poking around before I found a tickly spot in my nose...but it was far faster than usual, only about 30 seconds. I eagerly removed the q-tip. "AHHHSSSHHHOOO!!" It was a typically large induced sneeze for me, fairly wet, and uncovered. I sniffed and resumed tickling, knowing the sneezes would come much faster now. "HAHSSSSSHHHOOO!!" I sniffed some more and decided to get out my handkerchief - a soft, plain, cream-colored cloth. I unfolded the hankie the entire way and held it in my left hand, as I tickled my nostril with my right. "AHHHSSSHHHOOO!!" I tried to cover the sneeze with my handkerchief, held in only the left hand. I didn't do a great job...my face was not close enough to the cloth, and some of the spray bounced back off the cloth and moistened my face with a gentle mist. I wiped my nose and went back to tickling. "HEH-HEHSHOOO!!" A drier sneeze, caught more effectively in my usual two-handed position, did not leave a new wet spot on the hankie. More tickling. "HEP-CHOO!!" Another caught sneeze, slightly wetter. I was tired of standing still, and I began to pace around as I tickled and sneezed again in my handkerchief. "HAAASHEWWW!!" I decided to try another uncovered sneeze, which coincidentally was the wettest yet. "HA-SSSSSHHHHHEEEWWW!!!" A generous spray came from my nose and mouth, including a large droplet which soared through the air to land several feet in front of me. I blew my nose into my handkerchief with a wet "SHHHHHH" sound, folded once, and resumed.

My sneezes continued to burst forth quickly after a tickle, causing my nostrils to flare hugely, and sending large amounts of spray. "HEH-CHEWW!!" I sneezed uncovered again. "AHHHCHEWW!!" And again. "AH-AH-CHOO!!" And again. "AH-SHAAA!!!" The fourth sneeze sent sent another droplet flying, and I blew my nose several more times until I honked slightly, and folded the hankie into quarters.

I picked up again, going back to covering each sneeze carefully. "AHHHSSSHHHOOO!!...AHHHSSSHHHOOO!!...HEH-SHOO!!...HEH-SHOOO!!!" The force of the sneezes was beginning to tire me, and my nose was very full, but I didn't want to stop! Everything had gone so smoothly! I blew my nose again and folded the hankie yet again. I knew I would have to stop soon before I was out of hankie!

I went back to tickling. "Iiiiichew!" The uncovered sneeze was uncharacteristically small for my inducing sessions, and rather feminine. "Iiiiichew!" The next was identical! I went back to tickling, to see if this would keep up. "Iiiii-SHOO!!!" My final sneeze began as girly as the last, but the end was harsh and forceful, even leaving my throat a little raw. It was time to call it a day. I blew my nose until my handkerchief was little more than a sodden ball, and returned indoors.

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:blink: that. was. SO. HOTT! like you have no idea. wow, you are totally amazing. can i like come live with you if you can induce like that? :angry: haha...jk.

seriously though....so hott. :)

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Well how lovely it would have been to be your neighbour to overhear all that! Yum! Thanks for the lovely description.

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Wonderful; and it would be even better to watch all that messiness. You really make us feel how much you enjoy your lovely sneezes....

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Amazing! Your sneezes are wonderful, and you do such a great job of describing them. I too love messy sneezes; thank you so much for sharing them with us! ;)

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