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I can’t sleep. I’m literally just sneezing too much. :consoling:

I’ve been sneezing like this all day. My stomach muscles ache from the fits. I thought it was too early in the year for allergies but I guess not.

I can sit still and breathe through my nose for about a minute before I have to rub the itchiness away again. Then I’ll sniffle which will be a mistake, because I’m just going to have to sneeze and the cycle starts all over again.

I went to Wal-Mart tonight but I forgot to pick up some medicine. :innocent: I remembered to grab the Oreos of course. :laugh:

Anyway, I’m exhausted but I thought I’d type this out for some of you who might be interested. :D

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Poor Susie, that sounds too sore to be fun.


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Better health, Susie ! But at least I imagine that all those sneezes aren't going to waste!

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