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How I lost sneezeless march (self-f)


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This year I haven't been sneezy at all, which is strange but I'm assuming it will pick up in the springtime.

I just got a cold as of yestaurday and my nose was all stuffy for the past two days. I was cursing and upset about it because I didn't want to have the urge to sneeze especially with a cold. As soon as I was coming back from class, I felt the tickle and I couldn't hold the sneeze in due to all of the pressure in my nose and I didn't want to do anything strange to prevent it because I was in public. I stopped and my mouth opened and I let out a hUh...HET-CHOOOO! then I breathed in a desperate and rather loud hhuuh...HEEET-CHEEEEW! I was bent all the way foward and snot was pouring down my nose which was embarrassing. I felt a lot of people looking at me walking by because it was really loud. My friends blessed me and I thanked them as my right hand was still on my nose all congested sounding. I said I need to find a tissue somewhere and one of my friends pulled out tissues from her purse and handed them to me. I thanked her, wiped my nose and blew my nose lightly. Another friend mentioned that she hasn't heard me sneezing in awhile and that the sneezes were epic. :laugh: I didn't know what to say because it was rather awkward, I agreed and said it was awhile since I last sneezed. :blush:

It felt good to get it out, but that makes me out of the running of the sneezeless march competition. ;)

Good luck to the others in the contest!

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They certainly do....

Anyway, at last ! Thank goodness. I feel as if I've been on tenterhooks about this for days. Which I suppose is testament to your ability to describe holdong back excitingly....

but think how much more fun it would hAve been if you'd never got involved in this unnatural competition in the first place.

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Aw sorry your out of the competition

I do have to agree with your friend, they sound like pretty epic sneezes. I bet it felt wonderful to sneeze. I miss it :)

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I have to agree I miss sneezing too. Sorry you lost.

You're next EndlessHitching. :(


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LOL I like how competitive lambo is! :)

Aww I feel soo loved that my sneezes were missed! :( I missed sneezing too but I am having long sneeze droughts which is sad and why I did the competition.

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You're probably right Lambo

I can't believe I'm still in tbh

I forgot to also comment on the detail & buildups in this obs. It is very well written & I like the buildup

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