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self obs (f) and obs (m)


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a couple quick obs.

This morning as I was brushing my hair a sneeze crept up on me all of a sudden a violent “hah-AETSSSHEEW!” that jerked my head forward spraying the mirror with spit droplets. I also sneezed about three times in my car on my way to class.

male ob :)

As I was taking a mid-term history exam I heard one of the guys sitting behind me sneeze a masculine “HU-RISHOO!”. several people blessed him but I didn’t turn around to see who it was as not to be obvious but it was very distracting cause he kept sneezing periodically throughout the exam. I was one of the last to leave so I haven no idea who the sneezer was. It was such a sexy sneeze too. Bummer :(

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nice obs....don't you hate/love the surprise sneezes? haha i hope you don't think i'm like forward or something but your sneezes sound SO hot. just had to get that off my chest.

too bad you didn't find out who your mystery sneezer was.....

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thanks :( , but yea i do hate surprise sneezes especially in public when you don't have time to cover.

as for the sneezer in my history class, i guess im just gonna have to keep a better eye open next time.

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