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3rd month, 3rd cold


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I apologise for the length...

I was with C on Thursday before I had to go to work. We had a lovely time shopping, and came home with our spoils around 2. We loaded up a movie, and snuggled on the couch... within about 10 minutes, he was fast asleep! I decided to join him and we napped for about 2 hours.

Had dinner, played some games, and had a long discussion before he decided to take me home so I could have another nap before work (I was in at midnight). I was all snuggled up at home by about 9:30.

When I awoke at 10:50, I rushed around and got dressed to leave by 11. I finally made it to the lot and was waiting for the shuttle when I received a text message from C:

C: I think I'm getting a cold. :blushing:

Me: What do you mean, silly? (I'm thinking, I JUST SAW YOU!)

C: I mean, all the symptoms are generating.

Me: Poor sweetie! :D I love you! What's wrong? What are symptoms?

C: Love you too. My nose is unbelievably snotty now. Going to bed now, I'm feeling sicky.

Me: Awww. So cute. Hope you feel better in the morning, sweetie.

C: Better, or worse? ;) (UMM, WORSE??)

It played on my mind all night, and he only made it worse by not contacting me again until he was done school the next day! When he arrived, I was rushing around getting ready for him, and greeted him in the kitchen where he was blowing his nose into a very cheap-looking and well-used tissue. I didn't think much of it (he is often blowing his nose for one reason or another) until I gave him a flying hug and asked, "How are you?" He lowered the tissue.

"Ugggh. Dot good." ( :bleh: )

Poor thing had gone to school, sat in such an uncomfortable climate all day (it is stifling hot in there all the time, and he always comes out sweating), and had used half a box of CHEAP tissues between 8 and 1:30. And had found out he failed a test. He looked like he wanted to cry.

We made a stop at the drugstore on the way to his place, picking up Dayquil, Neo Citran, 4 packages of Halls, and a little package of Skittles for him to enjoy later. Then we also stopped at another store to pick up a 3-pack of Puffs with lotion, and I even treated him to an extra box of Puffs with Vicks.

On the way home, we were stopped at a red light, and I asked him, "So, what exactly is wrong? I can't be a thorough nurse if I don't know what's wrong with my patient!"

"Well," he sniffled, "By dose is constadly tickling. When I bed over, it drips everywhere. Ad I'b SDEEZIG a lot. Big onds." I melted.

And then, "HAESSSSHHH!" all over the steering wheel. "Huhhh... huh huh huh HAAAAAAAESHOOO!!" into his hands, which were more ready for the second one.

"Ugggggggh," he moaned, wiping his hands on his pants. "It's the third tibe this year."

We arrived home, and I fixed up some lunch while he got situated in the basement. I came down and saw him bundled up in a blanket on the couch, space heater running full blast, two boxes of tissues open (both types of Puffs), cough drop in mouth. And just looking miserable. I set down our food, coaxed him to sit up, and sat behind him so he could prop himself up onto me while he ate. He had even rigged up a little garbage bag nearby to toss his used tissues into.

I was trying to be a good nurse and remain objective with my patient. He looked really miserable, trying to sniffle, needing a tissue in short notice to catch the drippiness from his nose, sighing sadly and congestedly, emitting a soft cough occasionally... I was a freaking MESS on the inside, but trying to keep it together for his sake outwardly.

And then, he blew it all to hell. Or, rather, sneezed it all to hell.

I felt him tense up. "You okay?" I asked, wondering if he needed anything. "HAAAAAESHEEWWWWW!" he replied, into cupped hands.

(I should note at this point that he NEVER sneezes into his hands. Ever. I haven't seen him do it until this day, when he's already killing me with evilness, and he suddenly decides to start using his hands. He KNOWS what it does to me. He knows, and he's just being an evil bastard.)

"Bless you."


"Aww, bless you sweetie."

About 5 minutes later, the scene repeated itself. He'd sneeze a monsterously wet, messy sneeze right into his hands, I'd bless and fuss, he'd follow up with his "tickle-trademark" second, I'd bless again and fuss even more.

He KNOWS what he's doing to me. He turns, after a particularly messy one, and his eyes lock with mine. He's got mess all over his face, so I coo and grab a tissue to clean him up. Once I'm done, he comes in for the kill -- er, kiss.


"My poor baby."


"What on Earth are you doing?"


"You're trying to give this to me, aren't you?"


"You evil bastard."

Once he knows he's got me wrapped around his finger, he just doesn't quit. He wants to see me squirm, so he does everything his dirty little mind can come up with until he breaks me. What's the next order? He grabs a tissue and begins to twist it up.

I watch, frozen by desire, as he inserts it into a pink-rimmed nostril. He sniffles, and his face scrunches up, nostrils flaring. "TTCHEWW. HAAAAAAAAETCHEWWWWWWWW!"

Over and over again. Then, we decide to play a game. He will induce, and I will kiss him to try and stop him from sneezing. It works, for a little while, and I mash my lips into his as I feel him gasping. Eventually, he can't even kiss back and his breath hitches inside my mouth before... "HAAAAAAASSSSHOOOOOOOOO!!" He breaks the seal just enough so that I get a little bit of spray, but most of the sneeze erupts into the air and not my mouth. What a considerate bastard.

I lost any sense of composure after that, and didn't care about the very real possibility of picking this up from him. Not that I would mind. We share things equally. I was kissing him, we were nuzzling noses, and occasionally, a very messy sneeze would escape from him, either onto me or into his hands.

And this is only the first day. I awake this morning to another teasing message:

"Out of box #1. It's a very good thing you're not with me. You would have no control. I'm sneezing an unbelievable amount today and I have no control over it. The daytime meds helped with the runny nose but it just stays in there and tickles. Good morning."

I will update further when I get the chance. :bleh:

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Ahm. ;):bleh::bleh:

Lucky, lucky, lucky, lucky, lucky, lucky, lucky, lucky.....

:cryhappy: Thank you!



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Guest littleotwo

Thanks for this very enjoyable observation.

And may I be the first to say--as a huge fan of your wavs--that it would be truly, truly tragic if you were to somehow end up with that cold.

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Ahm. :bleh: :bleh: :D

Lucky, lucky, lucky, lucky, lucky, lucky, lucky, lucky.....

:cryhappy: Thank you!


pretty much my reaction...

*faints* Life it not fair!!! ;)

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Ahm. :bleh::bleh::D

Lucky, lucky, lucky, lucky, lucky, lucky, lucky, lucky.....

:cryhappy: Thank you!


pretty much my reaction...

*faints* Life it not fair!!! ;)

I can only agree!! Where can I get one of those? :cryhappy:

/Tari (E)

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Wow...just...wow. That was better than any fic I've read! Congrats on making us all totally jealous!

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Sadly, my rock-solid immune system seems to have saved me again! Good thing C doesn't seem to have any immune system at all. Lol

I did mean to post a quick update earlier, but life got in the way.

Sunday was my birthday, and we all got together at his grandparents' house to celebrate. We were sitting around, having a few drinks, and C was stuck between his grandmother and myself when a sudden tickle overwhelmed him...

What to do? The guy who normally doesn't cover is in mixed company, wedged between dear old Grandma and his fetishy fiancée... He gasps and has no choice but to pull his sleeve over his mouth and nose, and sneeze into his elbow, leaning in my direction:


"Bless you, sweetie."



He paused, gasping, elbow still clamped over his face, and still facing me, although I couldn't see more than his scrunched-up eyes...


I must share that I found it irresistibly cute that he was even wearing a sweater in the first place! It meant he really wasn't feeling well, because he would normally be far too warm in March with something like that on. I was wearing a t-shirt!

Later on, as we sat around the dinner table, I was just about to lock eyes with him when I looked up and saw a hand open, right in front of his gaping mouth, eyes closed, breath hitching... I saw (but did not hear) a huge intake of breath, and then...

"Bless you," I grinned.

"Huh... Hupnnkt! Ughhh."

He hates to sneeze at the dinner table, and is usually terrible at stifling, but despite my early blessing he still managed to make it work!

All throughout the night he would excuse himself from the common area and I would see him pace around, just nearby, pulling a huge (folded) stack of tissues from his pocket and blowing his red nose into one.

When we got back to his place, earlier than anyone else, we curled up together and had another "sneeze and denial" kissfest on the couch. I was slightly tipsy by that point, but he was happy to oblige me with fits of induced sneezes. He suffers, but knows he's got a good nurse!

Sadly he seems to be over it now. He claims his nose is still a bit sore, but whether that's just a ploy to get more nose-kisses or a real need for more caregiving remains to be seen!

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Awww. What a sweet update! :D Your poor bf...at least he's got you, and the two of you are having fun with his cold!

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WOW, seriously... :unsure: One... I mean TWO! of the hottest obs I've ever read. Fantasies come true are to die for. :drool: Thank you very much for sharing!

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Wowza. Haven't been able to comment till now, but that's amazing!! AHHH!! :twisted: Wonderful obbs. Let us know when this happens again please! :D;)

by the way, HAPPY..uhh....LATE BIRTHDAY!!!

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:laughbounce: OMG, these obs were so great! I can't believe I read this so late!

You are so lucky and I hope that something like that something so great will soon happen to you again (his immune system does not seem to be that good :laugh:)

Thanks a lot for sharing these breathtaking obs!

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How very sweet for you.... I'm glad he;s feeling better, but that was really cute.

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