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Ok, so my b/f was in the very beginning stages of his cold. We saw a commercial for a product called Zicam. This product is supposed to, if used in the beginning stages of your cold, decrease the length and severity of it. (at this point I am thinking, darn!) It comes in several forms, one of which is a spray. It is also supposed to be used every 3 or 4 hours for the first 48 hours of the cold. Anyway, now that you have the background info, let me tell you about my experience.

We get home and he unwraps the Zicam and he shoots two sprays in each nostril. I walk out of the room and about 20 seconds later, I hear this HUGE, manly, congested sneeze. I mean like house-shaking. So I poke my head out of the bedroom and bless him. (tingle) About 20 seconds later, I hear another sneeze---same huge, manly, congested sneeze---hurrrassssshhhooooo! I am now at full attention. I slowly walk down the hall into the kitchen to see my b/f's face very red. His eyes are closed and his nostrils are flaring. His mouth is open and he has his tongue sticking out some. It's obvious to me that he is going to sneeze again. The buildup just won't stop. At one point he tries to get the sneeze to come by blowing air through his mouth and then quickly inhaling. That did it. The hugest sneeze yet exploded out of him...hurrrrrrashhhhooooo...followed by another quick hurrrrrashhhhoooooo! I say, "Awww...bless you baby!" And then he winds up for one more exhausting sneeze. Again the buildup is enormous and when he finally lets the sneeze go, it's the loudest yet...hurrrrrrrrrrashhhhhhhhhhooooooooooooooo. So I say, "Gee, I thought the Zicam was supposed to make you feel better!" I give him some tissues and he blows his nose.

Four hours later, I bring him his next dose of Zicam. Two sprays up each nostril and I am not even kidding when I say it was an exact repeat of the first performance!!!!! After 6 gigantic sneezes, he says, "Wow, something in this stuff sure gets me going, huh?" (gulp)

The Zicam ultimately made his symptoms very light. That is, until he used the product and sneezed like this for two days...talk about Heaven!!!

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haha nice obs. so hot. :innocent: but actually, haha its funny, zicam does the same kind of thing to both me and my girlfriend. weird huh? yea last week she thought she was getting sick so she sprayed and no joke, like five seconds later, she sneezed four hard wet sneezes: "hitchew! ishew! etschew! itschew!"

seriously its weird that it affects us like that. with me, i usually do a triple....not like mads.... :wub:

but still, lucky lucky you! :bleh:

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That sounds heavenly! :) What a nice description. Thank you for sharing it with all of us.

I'll have to remember to try some of that stuff! ;)

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Guest Tootsie2008

Omg. that is awesome! I could totally picture that in my head...my favorite sneezes ever are the ones with the long build-ups, pre-sneeze face, and enormous explosion. *drools* lucky you!

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Do be careful with Zicam. It has been linked to many cases of permanent nerve damage, causing loss of sense of smell and taste.



I wouldn't risk 'playing' with this - imagine never being able to taste your food properly again!

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