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I hate cats!


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So today my room mate and I were invited to a BBQ. Unfortunately, it started to rain and we were forced to carry on the party indoors. Whenever I go to this one friend's house I always take an allergy pill because she has 3 cats, and just got a new kitten. I thought we were going to be outside all day, so I didn't take the pill. I'm sure you can see where this is heading ...

For some reason, this one cat adores me and just loves rubbing up against my legs, wants to sit in my lap and nuzzles her head against me. While I never handle this "well" today I turned into a complete mess ... worse than usual since I did not have my allergy medicine.

It started with the eyes. The itching and burning caused me to rub them uncontrolably. Then my nose started to tickle like a 1,000 little feathers were inside of it. I was trying to fight off the first sneeze, because I knew once I started sneezing I would not be able to stop. I kept pinching my nose shut and tried not to breathe in through it (although I probably wouldn't have been able to even if I tried). I was doing a good job until someone asked me a question (I don't even remember what it was) and I opened my mouth to answer the question and I could not hold it off any longer.

"Heh, hih ... hetchiiooo, heh eshhiieeww! Shit."

"Bless you!" a couple people said.

"No ... it's juus ... hih ISSHOO just starting ..." I replied.

(continue like this for about a half hour, then ...)

I am sitting on the couch, rubbing my eyes and trying not to breathe when I hear M, "Heh, Hetchoo, choo, choo ... Heytchoo, ugh ... now it's starting with me."

"Ha ha! I'm gonna buy you guys a cat," One of our friends said. "That would be hilarious!"

"Yea, if you were tryibg to kill be!" I replied.

"Heet choo, heyt-choo, choo, choo ... hih choo!" from M. She then turns to me and says, "Are you almost ready to go?"

"Deff, heh ESHHIIIOOO :sniff: Definitely."

On the way home, we were quite a pair. Sneezeing every few minutes, complaining about how much we hated cats ... I swear, if I wasn't so miserable it would have been the most arousing situation to be in.

One quick little obs from the car ride:

We were talking and I was driving and I had to sneeze. I hate sneezing while driving, and this was the worse. "Hih ishhoo, heh ehshhhiew! Shit! I caa ISHHOOO, can't see ... Heh CHIIOOO!!!"

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Nice obs.

I hate cats too. Not allergic, but I hate all the clinging & rubbing& you never get all the cat fur off of clothes ugh

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I'm a cat person (I have four of my own), but yikes! You have my sympathy, although I can't entirely regret it as it led to this lovely obs. ;)


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I'm sorry you and you roomie had a bad experience...but, damn. If I thought I loved cats before I read this post... ;)

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Bless you!! I know how you feel with the cats! I am very allergic and can't breathe around them. At least your roomate wanted to leave too, so you didn't have to suffer for a long period of time.

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Golly; as you say, the two of you sneezing together would have appeared gorgeous to an observer....

Incidentally, I am always intrigued by the phrase "once I've started sneezing, I can't stop". Doesn't this apply to everyone? It always seems to me that unless there is some peculiar reason for not wanting to sneeze at a particular moment [as in a sneezing while hiding situation] there isn't much point in trying to hold back, unless of course it is pleasurable.

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Thanks everyone ... I knew my suffering would be all worth it when I told my friends here about the experience :)

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