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obs at airport (m)


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I finally thought of an obs to post! This happened a couple of years ago, but I thought it was cute. My partner and I were going through the security screening at an airport, and my partner's carry-on bag was chosen to be checked in more detail, for whatever reason (I think he had put a liquid in there by accident). So the guy who was doing the checking (young, attractive male) did the most elaborate check of things I've ever seen, pawing through everything with his gloves and swiping some sort of 'sample' for analysis, and I was getting a bit impatient at all the fuss we had to go through, but then, he suddenly erupted with a very loud set of sneezes. Being a germaphobe myself, I defaulted to assuming it was a cold, and kept my distance, wanting the check to be over with ASAP. The guy continued to sneeze very loud, forceful sneezes, and I forget the exact turn of events at this point, but what I do remember distinctly is that he ended up standing as FAR away from the suitcase as he possibly could and just watched things while someone ELSE took over and finished the job for him!!! And my partner, somewhat amused, turned to me and commented that there must be dog fur on the suitcase (from his family's beagle), and then I sort of giggled as well, relieved that, whatever it was, it certainly seem like an allergic response and not a cold, and it was just sort of funny that we could send a security guy running away from us and our suitcase! :( Maybe it would have been more hot to watch it from a distance happening to someone else, but to be in the midst of it, as two passengers just trying to catch a flight without drawing much attention to ourselves or causing a scene, I think I found it a combination of embarrassing (embarrassed for the guy, plus feeling weird/bad that OUR suitcase did that to him, plus wondering if other people behind us were noticing and starting to wonder what the heck was in our suitcase) and amusing (because he just stood way in the corner, doing absolutely nothing but watching our suitcase being checked by the other person, and it was sooo obvious that he felt he had to 'hide' from it until it went away!) Awww, poor guy!! I hope his co-workers didn't tease him too much...

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Guest Tootsie2008

wow, very nice! I'm a germaphobe, too, so I hate being around people with colds/etc. allergies are a different story, though! :-D

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Airports are generally good places for observations, but this one must have been a real bonus!

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