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drunk boyfriend (m)


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I went to st. patty's day festivities this weekend with my boyfriend, and we were drinking in one of the bars with some of our friends. After a few drinks he turns to the side and sneezes a lovely HuhISHoo! Ishhu! Hahishooo! I blessed him and he thanked me out of breath. :drool: His eyes were really watery and I didn't think much of it. Our ICB shots came and we all chugged it at the same time. Directly after taking the shot he slammed his glass down, gulped and sneezed ISHU! HuH-ISHOO! ISH! huh-HUHHHISHOOOO! and started to walk out of the bar. Although I was aroused by his sneezes, I was also concerned. I was close to being done with my shot but I put it down with a little bit in and followed him outside. As he was walking out he let out a AH-ISH-OO! cupped in his hands. I knew he had more in him because he usually sneezes in triples :rolleyes: . I catch up to him and ask him if he was okay, and once we got outside he stopped and his mouth was wide open and he sneezed a huh..huh...Huh-ISHoo! ah-ISH-OO! HUH-ISH-OO!! into both of his hands. I blessed him and rubbed his back. He thanked me and said that there was something in the air that he was allergic to. I asked him if it was the alcohol, but he shrugged and had the lovely presneeze face again. I made a little comment saying, you still have more? as he bent over and sneezed out a huh-ish-OO! ISHU! HUHT-ISHU! I blessed him and he thanked me and told me to stop blessing him because he is probably going to continue for awhile :omg: . The others that we went to bars with came out and asked if everything was okay. My BF was like lets--go--HUHIshoo! to--HUT-ISHU! --a--ah AH-ISH-CHOO!! -a different bar, I'm allergic to something in there :blink::omg: . The sneezes were a lot weaker but still amazing! :omg: I asked him if he was sure, and he said he was fine. Along the walk to the bar he sneezed a few times along the way, we blessed him and he thanked us. His nose was very runny and he was sniffing a lot. When we made it to the bar I asked the bartended for napkins as the drink orders were being placed and handed it to him to blow his nose. He thanked me and kissed me when he was done with his allergies.

I think he is allergic to leprechauns! :laugh: It was great.. :drool:

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Sneezy allergic boy in a bar with lots of people... :drool:

yummmmmmmm one of my favourite type of obs! :drool: !! it was GREAT reading it, thanks!! :blink:

Does he always sneeze when he drinks?

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now that is truly a good four leaf clover you must have been carrying around! Thanks for sharing that obs - yummy, and add another fly to the wall!

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Oh you lucky lucky girl... Where is my sneezy boyfriend? :blushing:

Thanks so much for sharing the lovely obs so I can at least sponge off your nice experiences :group:

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