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I really wish I'd actually gotten a visual on this, because it was one of the more unusual sternutational phenomena I've heard. I got this from my delicious BF, the excessively polite stifler. He has a bit of a thing about drawing attention to himself by making noise, which accounts, I think, for the stifling. Anyway, I've wondered what he would do if for some reason he was unable to stifle.

The other day I was drying dishes in the kitchen while he was telling me about a coworker of his; I had my back to him, and heard him say: "And so, you know, this guy was so well-spoken that you'd never have guessed he had grown up on a cattle ranch outside of Dallas at-choo and he also dressed like someone who lived in a big city."

I wondered whether I'd imagined this, but he was sniffling at the end of his sentence, so I think he did in fact insert a sneeze into the middle of what he was saying, with no hesitation, no buildup, no pause afterward, nothing. It was the damnedest thing. I have read a few obs from folks on the forum describing people whose sneezes come on so suddenly that they don't really realize they're sneezing until they're in the middle of doing it, and I have to admit, I always thought that was both impossible and rather ridiculous. However, I believe that the BF may actually be someone who does that very thing. Hmmmmmmm.

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He sounds very unusual and also really quite sneezy! Yum.

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Great obs, the seamlessly inserted sneeze is truly one of the rarest obs one can make; in all my years of observing sneezes I've only seen one. Thanks for sharing with us!

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