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First Sneezes of a Cold

shy guy

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Seeing as how everyone around me has a cold, I knew it was only a matter of time until my turn came around. I woke up this morning with a slightly raspy throat, and a rather stuffy nose, not totally blocked by definitely more stuffy than usual. I was actually sitting at my computer checking in on the Forum when I felt the slightest pin-prick of a tickle which immediately led to three convulsive sneezes, "HEHH-SCHOOOOOO! . . . HET-SCHOOOO-WHEWWWWW!", the third sneeze starting before the second was complete. I turned by head to avoid spraying the monitor, as there was no time for a hanky or even to throw my arm in front of my face. Oh, well, maybe I'll get lucky and this will be a mainly sneezy cold; it's just too bad it couldn't have waited for the Sneeziest April contest!

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AAWWW get better soon (but only after having used loads of hankies :P ).

All of my colleagues - without any exception - have had bad colds in the last few weeks but for some reason I did not catch the virus.

Immunity systems are weird sometimes, aren't they ?


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Bless you! I hope the cold is mainly sneezy too... :D

I know what you mean about everyone getting sick...that seems to be happening in my neck of the woods, too.

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