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Boyfriend has a cold

Guest Abstract21

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Guest Abstract21

So it seems I came out to my boyfriend C at the right time because he seems to have gotten a cold this weekend. I've been over at his place all day and I'm about ready to climb the curtains! Earlier he was in the bathroom and I was sitting on the couch and his daughter happened to be there and we're talking. All the sudden I hear these 3 gigantic sneezes come from the bathroom. Now he usually just sneezes like once, but this was 3 in a row and really big. Then he calls out, "Whew, Bless me!" I'm sitting there trying to carry on a coherent conversation with his daughter while my brain goes temporarily dead. LOL. So he comes out and just gives me this naughty grin. Later his daughter is in the other room and he comes and sits next to me on the couch and is like, "Those were real you know..." I was like, "Uh, yeah, I figured."

A few minutes later, he starts again. He's sitting right next to me only I'm sort of at an angle at the end of the couch facing in a bit. He turns a little to the side, raises his arm and sneezes hard, and takes a quick breath and does it again. Then he pauses for a few seconds and sneezes a third time. He settles back and then like a minute later he sneezes again like it caught him by surprise. They were all hard and sharp and a little wet. Very sexy! I'm sitting there squirming and he grins at me and starts laughing.

The funny thing is usually he doesn't sneeze this much. I actually knew him 2 1/2 years before I ever heard him sneeze. It was so worth the wait though! But now I tell him about it and he's sneezing like crazy anyway. He thinks it's funny and cute but I think it kind of turns him on that I get so turned on. He's sort of fascinated by it. And quite happy to oblige. Yay for me!!


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Guest Sneezy_girl14

lucky!!!!!! whenever my boyfriend gets sick, not very often, and no matter what i do, he wont quit stifling when he comes over. IM normally the one sneezing my head off not him

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