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So I've been searching the boards for an answer to this one, and being unsuccessful I thought I should ask before moving on and going wild with fics.

I have a fic that's, well, quite graphic to say the least, and very 18+. It's also more a cold/comforting fic. There is sneezing, but not typed out, audible, sneezing. It's also slash fiction. All that being put out into the open, I'm wondering if there even IS a place to post something that has the potential to be so...sensitive. If not, that's fine, I have other musings dancing around my brain, waiting to be put to paper so to speak. But if there is such a place, I'd like to put up something complete, just to get some feedback before I start anything too entirely new. I'd even be willing to send it to someone to review, a mod or admin, if that's what it took to answer the question.

Anyhoodle, I've rambled on enough for the time being, thanks to anyone who can help answer the silly questions of a n00B.


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Such a place does exist, but sadly you are unable to access it at the moment because you are still in the validating stage. The place is the Adult Board, and anything 18+ MUST be posted there.

What this means for you is that you cannot post this particular piece of fiction until a later date. Once you have access to that board you may post it; there is in fact a sub forum of the adult board which is basically the 18+ version of the place you are now in, for precisely that reason.

In terms of "sensitive" materials in the topic, as long as it isn't illegal we'll accept it. It may help to add a little note at the beginning of it, or in the post description underneath the title, explaining why some people may not wish to read such a fic. You may of course send it to a staff member to be reviewed, although that's not a requirement but will probably make us like you more/want you to stop bothering us :laugh:

It may help to reread the "read before posting" section, but I hope I've covered everything you'ld like to know.


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Thaaaank you so much. I will save that piece for a later day and start on something a little less graphic. :laugh:


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