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Which era would you choose to live in?


Which era?  

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  1. 1. Which era would you choose to live in?

    • Today - the age of the internet
    • 30+ years ago - the age of the handkerchief

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You have two choices - either you can live in the funky present, with internet access and therefore links to other fetishists and youtube clips and all that other wonderfulness ... but, especially for those who like to see females using handkerchiefs, chances of seeing a live obs are rare to zero.

Or, you could choose to go back and live 30 or 40 years ago, when there was no internet, you would have no idea other people shared your fetish ... but the majority of people used handkerchiefs and there were obs a plenty to enjoy virtually every day.

Which would you choose?

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Well, my first impression on reading this was "no fair!", but I voted for the Internet age. One of my primary objectives in life is to promote handkerchief use, so what would I do with my spare time if everyone already used hankies? OK, so I'd probably be watching them use their hankies, but still, I couldn't give up the online community!

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that's a hard question....i mean on one hand, i'd love to live in an age when using handkerchiefs was common place and nobody questioned or ridiculed it and everybody used them, and i would be, and like you said, obs would be very plentiful. however, i mean, if i had to like ask people if they shared the fetish, that would just suck. it would be so awkward, like, if they didn't.

ARG!! idk... ;)

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From a purely fetish point of view I'd choose the 30+ years ago option. Knowing I'm not alone in my fetish - which the internet age has taught me - is interesting, but I got on fine for a good 10 years or more of my adult life without knowing that.

Of course the internet is essential for so many things in life and I can't imagine going back to a pre-internet era, but for purely fetish reasons I'd choose the past.

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I'd live in the 1980's

Big hair

Big songs

Big Handkerchiefs?

heehee it is obvious that we are of the same age...

but back to the question : I did not pick any answer.

Why ? I am lucky to live in a country where internet AND hankie use are both common practice in the present time.

I would just stay where I am !!


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Hmmm.... I apparently can't vote in this poll... But I'm still gonna answer through the message board :hug: I vote for the cyber-present! Until I got my internet connection, I had no idea other people felt like I did, and I'd be a lot less comfortable with myself as a person if I didn't have you guys to identify with. Thanks for that!

Be safe!

/Tari (Eowen)

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I like it the way it is now. It's great knowing that there are people out there like me. Besides, if I was living thirty years ago, while the sneezing would be great, I probably wouldn't have the slightest idea what a sneeze fetish was. I certainly would never make the connection between sneezing and feeling good. :hug:

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