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haha sneeze and conversation...


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i think i may have mentioned this girl before - sara? - she rides my bus and is really cute and sexy...anyway. so we're on the bus, talking about her boyfriend and she puts up a finger and sneezes so that i can see a perfect profile: "hup-nngchk!" uh-nngshkk-eww!" i saw some spray hit her leg and i loved the last one with all its three syllables. it was totally adorable too cuz she was left kinda disoriented, both were strong sneezes which she expertly stifled, so she shook her head a little like a puppy. :laugh: so cute. :D

then i was all: "bless you." and i went out on a limb: "do you always sneeze twice like that?" inside i was kicking myself but then she laughs and says: "haha, more like ten times. *laugh* yea usually" she was rubbing her nose. "idk, i've just been sneezy all morning..." :omg:

i swear, you could have knocked me over with a feather. i was extatic B) and shocked all at once. i kicked myself again and replied: "huh...allergies?" another risk...i was practically holding my breath the whole time. but then she sniffs and says: "hmm...maybe. actually probably. i mean," and she leans closer. "do you ever get the feeling that you need to sneeze but no matter how much you want to you just can't?" :o:omg: i was stunned AGAIN. i think i nodded :) and she says: "that's been me all morning - i'll feel it coming, and then get ready, and it just goes away. it's so annoying!" :wacko: by now my mind had been blown, put back together, then blown again. thus is my life. but i got my act together and said: "yea, i know. seriously..." then as i was trailing off, she sneezed again, announcing it first: "o shit, hold on...huh-nngk-chew! *sniff* hup-nngschk-ew!" with her fingers over her nose, she sniffed: "you know? it probably is allergies. i've never felt so sneezy before..."

:huh::D:omg::o like i had no idea what to say...so i just said, "bless you again..." adding a little laugh at the end to break up at least my tension. i don't know why it was tense but i mean, you guys know, it's weird sometimes when someone talks nonchalantly about something that turns you on so much. i mean i loved it, but....still. :blink: well, we ended up talking about something else, but that is forever burned into my memory. hope you liked that, i got to go get yelled at by my mom now. fun! :D

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:) is right! That's SO awesome! Thanks so much for sharing :) Hopefully you'll keep us updated should anything more happen with Sara?

And... good luck with your mom. heh.

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Excellent obs! The only thing better than experiencing sneezes at close range like that is getting the person to talk about it, and you really hit the jackpot! Thanks so much for sharing!

By the way, don't worry about getting yelled at by your mom; it beats getting yelled at by your wife!

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By the way, don't worry about getting yelled at by your mom; it beats getting yelled at by your wife!

i just about peed i laughed so hard when i read this!!! :)

great obs too - you have the best luck with obs, and a great knack of retelling them too :)

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okokokokokokok...so remember how she said her sneeziness was allergies? well it turns out it wasnt cuz sara is home sick with a cold. and a pretty bad one. (haha i'm so lucky: two of my best friends have sneezy colds and my gf has allergies - and all three are sooooo cute, especially sneezing :P)

but yea so i carpool with sara cuz she lives like right next to me and i was driving today and i pulled up and she wasn't there so i went inside. there were no cars in the driveway so i figured her parents had both left, which they had, and i went in. walking through the door, i heard a sneeze: "huh-nngchk-eww! hup-nngsheeww!" then a wet noseblow. sara was sitting at the kitchen table, wiping her pink nose with a tissue. "hey..." i said, walking up next to her and putting my arm around her. she put her head on my shoulder: "*sniff* hey...sorry i'b dod cobig do sgool doday...i was jusd goig do call you whed you walged id....*sniff*"

"hey no problem, your sick. is there anything i can do?" she seemed to be fighting a sneeze, her fist pressed under her reddening nostrils.

"ub...huh...if you..huh...if you wouldd't bind...huh...*sniff* my pareds ared't cobig hobe dodite, babye if you could gobe ad sday wid be for a bid...but i uddersdad if you dod't wad do..." she was able to fight off the sneeze enough to say the sentence but then sneezed forcibly into her fist: "huh-nngchew! huh-nngkshew!"

i stroked her hair: "bless you. and why wouldn't i want to? i'll be here tonight. i'll stay over if that's okay?"

she nodded and i noticed i had to get to school so i hugged her, kissed the top of her head, and left to the sound of more sneezes....I'M SO LUCKY!!! so tonight is gonna be fun.... ;) update later!!

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yay! thanks for updating us ;)

lucky to have such sneezy friends you :P

i do hope sara feels better tho, but still sneezy at the same time

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Wonderful obsides! All that talking about it! But she clearly doesn't think anything of it, so I suggest you keep it up. I hope you will keep us updated on all these sneezy people. And good luck with the next encounter....

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haha so okok today i told you that she wanted me to come over and stay with her? (o yea i realized i said bus then carpool, the bus only comes mon, wed, fri so we carpool on tues thurs.) but so, after school, around 5, i went over to her house, w/extra clothes, and let myself in. nobody was home, like she had said, and sara was curled up on the couch, asleep, her mouth open slightly, snoring just the tiniest bit. SO CUTE!! i figured she'd want to sleep in her own bed for the night so i set up a makeshift bed for myself on the floor. (she has a queen bed, but i wanted to make her as comfortable as possible). i did a little homework for maybe 30 or so minutes until she woke up around 6. "hey...*sniff*"

"hey babe, how're you feeling?"

"dod buch bedder. sdill cad't breade..."

"aww, i'm sorry :drool: well i'm here and i'm staying the night and i'm gonna help you feel better k?" she nodded then got that faraway look and sneezed: "huh-nngkchew! huh-nngshkeww!" into her hands, grabbing two tissues and blowing her nose wetly after. i blessed her and made both her and i some dinner. after a lot more sneezing from her and some cuddling from both of us, it was maybe 10 or so and she yawned, sniffling, saying: "jojo? i'b really tired...i thig i'b godda go do sleeb k?" and she snuggled into me (we were on the couch, her head in my lap) i knew she'd be more comfortable in her own bed so i sat her up: "yea...sleep is good, but come on sara, lets get you in your own bed alright?" she hugged me and i held her: "*sniff* will you sday wid be?" "of course. (i had picked her up, she weighs like 80 lbs, and carried her into her room, laying her on her bed.)" i gestured to the floor bed: "i'll be right down here, k?"

she reached out as she fell back onto the mass of pillows on her bed, "ub...huh-nngkchew! huh-nngkshew!" "bless you." "thags...ub...would you bind agtually, sleebig ub here wid...huh...wid...be...huh-nngksheww! if you dod't wad do id's ogay...i'b jusd really cold..." i smiled: "bless you. sure, i'll get in with you." i had to go to the bathroom just now and she's already asleep but i'm still gonna cuddle with her. :blushing: (i'm just lucky i live with a 7 year old. it has made me an inpenetrable fortress of immunity!! :) so i can cuddle with all the sick people i want :laugh:) but yea...she feels a little warmer than i would have liked, but we'll see.... more update tomorrow!! :laugh:

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haha The_Morpher3453....yea i'm not a man. and..yea i'm bi so....if any of this was unclear...let me know and i'll clarify. :wine: but yea...sorry i haven't updated but sara's feeling much better, still sneezy, but i g2g to class so i'll report more later!! :thumbsup2:

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hahaha she sneezed on me!! ya we were on the bus and she was sleepy and she was sitting with me and leaning on my chest when she sneezed - huh-nngchk-eww! - some spray escaping her hands onto my chest and legs. as i was saying bless you she sneezed again - hup-nngkshew! - jerking forward. i blessed her again and she said, "whew, guess i'm still sneezy from that cold...." i melted and said, "maybe, i hope you're not getting sick again...."

hahah g2g. more later!!! :laugh:

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so sara's all better. which is good....and bad. :) o well. she's still sneezy. she sneezed during 4th per. math - "nngkchew!" hunching over the desk and shaking her head after. (LIKE A CUTE LITTLE PUPPY!!!)

G2G but ill report more later! ;)

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haha The_Morpher3453....yea i'm not a man. and..yea i'm bi so....if any of this was unclear...let me know and i'll clarify. :) but yea...sorry i haven't updated but sara's feeling much better, still sneezy, but i g2g to class so i'll report more later!! ;)

Wow, I feel embarresed now... :unsure:

Uh, sorry...

Well great obs anyway! A lot of the people you know seem to get sick! Ha-ha! I hope you can supply us with more from someone else another time! :laugh:

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hey The_Morpher3453, no problemo! don't worry about it - that's wat i get for saying Gender: Undisclosed. o well...

anywho ya i'm really lucky. i have accepted that and am now going to wallow in my luckiness with my girlfriend who seems to have come down with another bout of the sniffles.....hee hee. :)

later dudes! (as my friend nate says) :drool:

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