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Okay, so today at school in orchestra class we were working on a song. I play the viola which means I sit right next to the cellists. So we'll call the cellist who I am describing N. He is fairly tan, Italian, with brown eyes. He's also very tall and skinny. Almost too masculine to play the cello. :wine: I've heard him sneeze a couple times before, but this time was awesome. So I'm sitting there, and then I heard him sneeze a "Hah-tCHOOoo!" <--- (Ha, I suck at spelling sneezes, but he kind of let the sneeze wear out over time if you know what I mean.) He then sighed and started rubbing at his nose and sniffling constantly. I thought he was done because he normally only sneezes once, but I was wrong. He walked over to the tissues while the violin 1s were having a sectional and blew his nose. By then it was really pink and he just kept rubbing it and sighing. I was trying not to look at him because I like to be subtle, but when I glanced over I saw that he was going to sneeze again. He had a really cute pre-sneeze face and his breath was hitching. He then sneezed a double "Heh-tCHH! Heh-tCHOOoo!" Uncovered toward the floor as the force of the sneezes doubled him over. The second one he let the sneeze wear out again. He must have put tissues in his pockets when he went up to blow his nose because out of nowhere he just started blowing at his seat. A couple girls kept laughing at him because he started giggling after each one and sighing humorously. He whispered to me, "I keep sneezing!" and then laughed. So at least he wasn't suffering. Now, for the final sneeze. He was sitting there rubbing his nose with a tissue for a while and of course in between all of this he was playing. So in the middle of just he and the bassists playing he slammed his bow down on the stand and built up a little, "Hehh... ehhh" The director was looking at him really funny and finally his eyes shut, head tilted back, and nostrils flaring, "Ahh-tCHOOoo! Ughhh" He sniffled a couple times after the director and a couple girls blessed him and started playing again. During the next little sectional he got up and blew his nose. Then the rest of the period he just sniffled a lot and rubbed at his nose.

Sorry if that was kinda long, haha. I overdo the details when I write. :thumbsup2: Well I hope you liked. :happybday:

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Particularly great situational obs ... both hands occupied, and making music with a tickly nose! Wonderful.

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What a lovely scenario. Thanks for describing it in such detail.

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