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My very sneezy day (self-f)


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Yestaurday I had a really sneezy day! I definetely sneezed more times yestaurday than I did this whole year so far! I'm sorry my observation is really long, but I sneezed a lot!

My friend slept over my apartment from the night before because we went out drinking and I didn't want her to drive drunk. As soon as I woke up and sat up, the light made me sneeze a HAHT-CHOO! AH---AHT-CHEWW! which doubled me over and knocked me back into bed. My friend woke up from my dramatic sneezes and blessed me. I didn't intend for them to be so dramatic and wake her up, but she immedietly went back to sleep. I walked towards the bathroom and took a shower. In the shower I sneezed a AHTSCHOO! HUh..HAT-CHEW! UHT-CHOO! which nearly made me slip and fall from being tossed from the powerful sneezes. So then I dried off, and put a towel around me and as soon as I went out of the bathroom I sneezed a HUUHH-ESCCH-IIW! and ventured for clothes to wear. My friend took a shower and got ready and I made breakfast. When she was done, she came in the kitchen and I sneezed HUTSCHOO! AH-AHT-CHOO! HUH-CHOO, then a long pause with two hitches and then a loud HAHT-CHEEWW! My friend blessed me after each sneeze and then told me to shut up. I thanked her and she said that it was very unusual for me to sneeze that much, and asked if I was okay. I said I don't know why I'm sneezing and then I was like maybe i'm allergic to you or something. She replied, Oh I hope not! I let out one more sneeze and then we left.

I had a meeting with my advisor about registration, research etc. I had an itch in my nose about 1/3 of the way in my meeting. I totally zoned out a little and focussed on my itch and wondered if I should sneeze it out, stifle? hold it in? I took a breath and stifled it like huh-ngxxt! my advisor blessed me and stopped what he was saying because he saw another one coming, HUT-NGggxt-Chuh. I thanked him and he resumed. However I was not done, I held the sneezes in for a minute until I couldn't and I sneezed a huh-nggxt-chuh! which was too powerful to be a stifle so I gasped and out came a HUT-SCHOO! AHHT-SCHOO! HAT-CHIEW! He blessed each sneeze and asked if I was okay as he offered a tissue. I apologized and thanked him, as I grabbed two tissues. I said that I feel fine, that it must be something in the air because I have been very sneezy today. He told me that it was probably because I needed to clean my lab. I laughed and then lightly blew my nose and we continued our discussion.

Then in seminar, the room is very quiet and for the first 30 minutes I was fine, but then I had the biggest tickle in my nose. I was panicking because I didn't want to cause a distraction to the speaker so i held it in for as long as I could but when he switched slides I stifled HUh-ngxt! and about ten seconds later I stifled a ngxxxxt! The people around me whispered bless you and I got up and headed to go out of the room because once I stifle, I can't stop unless I let it out. Right as I approached the door, I let out a huh-nggxxt-chuh and my close guy friend mouthed bless you to me and I nodded. I was walking down the hall to go into the bathroom and I stopped in my tracks and sneezed a HUHT-SCHOO! AHHHT-CHEW! Huh...HUTSCHIEW! then there was a pause which had my mouth open in stupor and then a loud HAHT-ESCHHH-SHEEEIIIWW! I was so far doubled over It felt like I was an inch above the ground. I went into the bathroom and blew my overly runny nose and a small weak sneeze came out. I waited for 2 minutes and then went back in the room. After seminar was over my friends asked me if I was okay and I said yes, I don't know what's wrong with my nose today! The guy that blessed me when I was walking out said, yea you really caused a disturbance in seminar! :blushing: I was MORTIFIED! I apologized and said I think it's something in the air!! He said...well love is in the air. I mentioned, if love you mean pollen? and then we got off the topic, which I was relieved about.

I had to teach my organic lecture, and we were going over stuff they needed to know for thier upcoming test. So they asked me questions and I would answer them and give them hints. I was in the middle of writing something on the board when I felt the urge to sneeze. I was thinking, NO, NOT here! but I had my arm in the writing position and turned my head to the side and sneezed an uncovered HUT-CHOO! I sniffed and then I breathed in and another one came out like UUT-SCHOO! ::gasp:: HUT-SHEEW! I said excuse me and I continued to write on the board. A majority of the class blessed me and I said thanked them. Afterwards, a few students came up to me with questions and I when I was helping a guy in my class, I had to sneeze again as he was asking the question. I turned away from him and sneezed AH-ChOO, HUT-CHIIW! I apologized and he blessed me. I thanked him and made him repeat the question. When he left he told me to feel better, especially when I'm writing the exam. :)

As I was walking to my boyfriend's apartment I had about three sneezes which were insignificant since I don't remember the sounds or anything. I knocked on the door and he let me in. He was making scrimp scampi for dinner. I told him that I was very sneezy for some reason, which he looked up from his frypan and asked if I was alright or if it was allergies. I told him about the meeting, seminar, organic and the morning and then mentioned that I'm allergic to seafood. He stopped and stared at me like you never told me that! But I told him that I was kidding and he laughed. As we were sitting down together enjoying his wonderful meal he prepared, I turned to the side and sneezed a HUT-SCHOO! and he blessed me. I held up my finger like I'm not done, and sneezed another HUT-schoo. He blessed me again and before I could acknowledge another came out HAT-CHEEEW! He blessed me and I thanked him and said I'm sorry I feel another one coming. He got up and passed me a napkin and I let it out a powerful Huh-SHIIIEWWW into it. He blessed me and I thanked him and told him I'm done. He was like you weren't kidding when you said you were sneezy, I hope your not coming down with something! I sneezed a few more time as we were dong dishes and he blessed me and came up behind me and kissed me. I was writing up my test and I had a mini fit, where I sneezed about 9 varieties of HUT-CHOOO, AHHT-SCHEW, UTCHOO! with long pauses in between. My boyfriend came over to me and rubbed my back and kissed me on the forehead, blessing me after each one. He told me that he doesn't want me to go home all sneezy and he wants to take care of me so I stayed the night. I won't get into some of the details because it's 18+ but I sneezed a lot and I wondered if I should tell him about the fetish. When we went to bed I sneezed a HUT-SCHOO! AHH-ESCHOOO! HAT-CHEW! and he asked me if I was going to do that all night after he blessed me. I thanked him and told him that I hope I don't. I didn't sneeze after that and at all this morning.

I hope you guys enjoyed that! I'm sorry it is really long!

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This is wonderful! Don't worry about length; in fact write further and better particulars...All those sneeezes sound lovely, particularly your excellent announcing, apologies, acknowledging blessings and sneezy talk ; and of course your inability to do so because of extreme sneeziness.

And can there be any lovelier phrase than "I held it in as long as I could but...."?

Anyway, it's wonderful that you ended up enjoying it so much. Let's hope that some top allergy is making itself known indeed....

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Ooof, a long but very rewarding obs. Bless you many times over :P

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Bless you! I agree with count...the length is fine with me, you gave some awesome descriptions! Wish I could have been there... :P

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