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My first class of the day was brimming with sneeziness. The first set of sneezes came from a guy, tall athletic skinny tan blond hair, he sneezed the typical fit of four huh-choo! Huh-choo! Huh it-choo! Huh-choo & sniffled. He continued to have identical fits about once every 10 minutes

& talked about how much he hates pollen

A few minutes later my best friend, slender w/ wavy blonde hair and bright blue eyes, sneezed a very soft hitchew followed by a desperate, medium volume Ha-CHOOO

Then J (who I have written previous obs about), short w/ shoulder length blonde hair let out a loud HA-CHEEWW! Huh..huh..HESCHEEWW!

Then some guy let out some loud sounding stifles that sent him bending in half almost touching the floor! (Makes me wonder what his unstifled ones are like :D )

Another guy started letting out these wet sounding AMAZING totally unspellable sneezes in frequent fits of 1-4 with awesome buildup & catching them in tissues, which left me fully unable to sit still :D

A girl behind me (long brown hair, average build) sneezed a few normal somewhat feminine sounding sneezes.

This other girl, mentioned in my recent sneeze discussion obs as D, had a few people annoyed & a few others giggling. She is on the short side of average height, bleach blonde shoulder length hair with darker blonde highlights, tanned, big dark blue eyes, & a slender dancer's body. She also tends to wear very revealing clothing. Her sneezes are more like girlish performances (for lack of a better explanation :lol: ). First she does something like scrunch up her nose or sniffle & announce the coming sneeze. This is followed by a short buildup at which point she waves her hands around in front of her face before the very girly almost squeaking hup-it-chew!comes out. It consists of three very distinct syllables. The first two are soft like she is trying to suppress them somehow & the chew is almost medium volume desperate & highpitched, but thats not all then she sighs & kinda quivers/shakes almost like an animal does when it sneezes or you blow in its face & either blesses herself or announces how much better she feels :lol: that happened 4-d times this morning as well. Add in a couple random uneventful sneezes from myself & thus is how 2 hours of my morning was spent, tired & totally unable to concentrate if my life depended on it. Sorry for the length. Enjoy!


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