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This thread is entitled "female perspectives on the fetish" and the reason for that is that all of the drabbles contained herein will be told from a female perspective. Some of the drabbles will be sensual, some dark and melancholy, but all will aim for a poetic feel which is very different from my usual writing style. There may be female sneezing, there may be male, and there may be none at all, but all of the drabbles will relate to having and cherishing this fetish we all share in some shape or form.


A kink.

I have a kink.

No, I don’t mean the kind that you get in your neck after you have been balancing the phone between your neck and shoulder.

I mean a sexual kink.

It’s strange, and I know it’s strange, but it’s also wonderful and disarming and oh so beautiful in its simplicity.

My kink is for sneezing.

I don’t know why, and I don’t honestly care.

Sneezes just do something to me, something wonderful in fact.

They chill me to the bone, whilst simultaneously warming every muscle from deep within.

In essence, sneezing turns me on.


I’m scared.

For the first time in my life I am genuinely scared.

He’s leaving me.

Not because he doesn’t love me, but because he is scared to love me, scared to accept who I truly am.

Oh God. What have I done?

My one single fear, the thing that scares me most in the whole world has come true.

He knows, and he can’t accept it.

He won’t accept it.

I can’t accept it.

Four years. Four wonderful years and so many intimate moments shared, ruined.

I told him about my fetish.

I told him what his sneezes do to me. How they arouse me beyond the point of all reason, but instead of being willing to experiment he feels betrayed, lied to, and now it’s all over.


She was a fraud.

A fake.

The perfect woman was in fact a perfectly sculpted facsimile of the real woman silently drowning beneath the surface.

How had it come to this?

Why couldn’t she fight the nagging voice of insecurity that led her to disguise her inner beauty?

Her hair, her nails, her smile, her nose and even her breasts; all of them were fake.

But despite this, there was one thing about her she couldn’t fake.

One thing she couldn’t hide.

And, as she smiled at the equally fake man standing in front of her, the large bunch of stargazer lilies he held slowly tormenting her sinuses, her fake smile crumpled, her breath hitched and she sneezed three violent and completely genuine sneezes.

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Wow :laugh:

All you drabbles are so poetic and meaningful! They're fantastic and thoughtful and...gah! They're just great! :doublethumbsup:

I shall be keeping an eye on your thread! :yes:

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Thanks guys... it's really nice when you try something different and it seems to work!


Sticky motes of pollen floated in the air around her head like a tiny yellow whirlwind. A swirling, seductive mess that slipped inside and sashayed across irritated membranes in a sensual, erotic pas de deux. She moaned. A small, almost pathetic whimper that slipped from her lips as the dance within her sinuses moved towards the dramatic crescendo that would leave her gasping for breath as sneeze after sneeze assaulted her lithe body. Completely at the mercy of her partner, she surrendered to its will, and as the dance reached its final crescendo, her head tilted back exposing the soft white skin of her neck, her ruby red lips slowly parted, her breasts heaved with the force of the impending release and finally, she surrendered to her partner in a staccato flurry of sneezes.

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You sure do have a way with words :o How lovely that you're participating too! Isn't it fun? ;)

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She surreptitiously watched as he lifted his head up from the book he was reading and squinted into the brilliant afternoon sunshine, his nose wrinkling and brow creasing. She smiled. He was beautiful, his strong sculpted jaw, full bottom lip and thick chocolate hair perfectly complimenting the strong aquiline nose that was slowly twitching back and forth. She inhaled as she watched his left hand desperately snatch at the napkin lying on the table, bringing it up to his nose as his eyes drifted close, his shoulders rising up as air flooded into his lungs with the need to sneeze. She exhaled, releasing the breath that she didn’t know that she had been holding as he finally surrendered himself to the sneeze, his face relaxing as the itching in his sinuses was finally alleviated.


When I was a child I knew I was different from all the other children. I knew that my interest was easily swayed in a way that the interest of others was not, that where other children would giggle in delight when a person sneezed that my body reacted differently. I knew that my obsession with watching “Alice in Wonderland” and “Snow White and the Seven Dwarves” had nothing to do with Disney’s cinematic magic, but rather the magical, wonderful feelings that I felt from watching “Alice” and “Sneezy” dramatically succumb to violent sneezes. Back then I knew I was different, and I know today that I still am.

Relaxing in the summer sun she wrinkled her nose in response to the itching that plagued her sinuses as

Allergic tears silently fell from azure eyes, tracing their path along sculpted cheek bones.

Violently, she rubbed at her nose, desperately trying to relieve the agonizing itch that consumed her

Every breath. Slowly, she eased herself into a sitting position and reached for a tissue to gently blow her nose, a

Nose that refused to cooperate, refused to listen to her silent pleading, instead choosing to capitulate to an

Over reactive immune system that chose to attack the innocent particles of pollen floating down from the trees.

Up to her nose she raised the tissue once more, her eyes squinting pleadingly at the sun in an attempt to tease out the

Sneezes that threatened to explode from within her, consuming her very being with their intensity and finally, she surrendered.


It was a mistake to lower her nose into the bouquet of freshly cut flowers that her date had handed to her. A mistake to kiss his cologne scented neck. It was a mistake to agree to the romantic stroll through the botanic gardens that the beautiful man she was dating suggested after their romantic meal, and it was certainly a mistake to go home with him to his flat and the long-haired cat that resided there. It was a mistake to forego her daily antihistamine, but the one thing that it was not a mistake to do was to fall in love with a man with a fetish for sneezing.

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Hot was the temperature of his feverish skin.

Cold was the virus that plagued his body.

Hot was the way his sniffing caused her blood to boil.

Cold was the shiver that ran down her spine in response.

Hot was the feel of his wheezing breath upon her skin.

Cold was the spray of his sneeze against her neck.

Hot was the fiery embrace that they subsequently shared.

Cold was the mucus that fell from his nose as they passionately kissed.

Hot was his name as it fell from her lips in a whispered prayer.

Cold was the ice cube he trailed down her skin.

Hot was the flame that burned brightly inside her.

Cold was the floor against her feet as she silently slipped out of his bed.

Hot was the sun on her face as she left him.

Cold were the tears that slid down his face as he realised she was lost to him forever.

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Better and better.....

Tu connais QuEneau? Tu QuEneau connais?

Quel icon, QuEneau! Iconique il est!

QuEneau A l'Helicon? Quel con QuEneau est!

Qu'une eau quelconque Elit QuEneau.

That is all. Almost I am persuaded to try this myself.

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Better and better.....

Tu connais QuEneau? Tu QuEneau connais?

Quel icon, QuEneau! Iconique il est!

QuEneau A l'Helicon? Quel con QuEneau est!

Qu'une eau quelconque Elit QuEneau.

That is all. Almost I am persuaded to try this myself.

Then set up your own thread!!!! :hug:

On another note, "A l'Helicon"? I got the rest but my wine addled brain isn't quite following that bit, do you mean the mountain or something else?

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That was the general idea; was it wrong?

Petrarca mi non saper

Ni fonte d'Helicon

Don don don diridir etc

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That achrostic you did with Ravenous? GENIUS. Really. You've got a marvellously original take on this challenge and I love it! I'm glad it's not a contest... 'cause I know who'd win :D

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Who in there right mind borrows their neighbour’s cat for the weekend? she thought to herself as she carried the purring ball of fur down the corridor towards the flat where it actually belonged, her hand absentmindedly stroking the soft fur as her conscience continued to question this latest act of folly.

As she passed the elevator the doors opened to reveal a man caught in the throes of an allergy attack, her eyes almost instinctively sought out the rapid fire sneezes and she felt twin flushes of shame and arousal building inside her.

What have I done? she asked herself, as the sneezing stranger provided a ridiculously erotic reality check, causing her to confront the full extent of her calculated madness.

That is what you wanted her inner voice replied and her cheeks flushed red with the resulting shame.

Never had she stooped so low, never had she been so devious, and for what? To satisfy a fetish that she was both blessed and cursed with? To see her partner, a man who never sneezed around her, but who had recently confided that he was allergic to cats finally succumb to a sneezing fit? To watch the stoic controlled man she knew finally lose control? Oh God yes the wicked woman inside of her whispered in aroused glee.

As the elevator doors closed and the harsh allergic sneezing disappeared between shiny silver, she smiled.

Yes she was a calculating bitch, and God knows her poor partner would suffer for her devious scheme, but it wouldn’t kill him and maybe tonight would be the night she told him.


Fuck! He knows. He fucking knows!



Fuck! How did he figure it out?

I was so careful. I hid my tracks so well. I deleted the history, religiously emptied the cache, never stored my ‘porn’ on our personal computer…

I don’t understand.

How the fuck did he find out about this?

Why the fuck am I panicking?

I haven’t done anything wrong.

It’s just a quirk, a kink, a fetish, a…

Oh God what if he thinks it is deviant?

What if he thinks I’m deviant?

Oh God...

Oh... Fuck!

Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck!

What the fuck he is doing?

What the FUCK is he doing?


Fucking cologne?

Is he fucking joking?

Is he trying to be fucking cruel?

He knows that he is allergic to that fucking cologne, he knows that...

Wait... he knows that it will make him sneeze and yet he is putting in on anyway... he's

Oh fuck...

Thank fuck...

He knows...

He doesn’t care...

And he is willing to sneeze for me, to please me, oh fuck this is really happening.

Oh fuck....

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Mmmm, I love this perspective, and all of these drabbles are way hawt! :D Thank you!

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@ catmuffinz - thank you for the ego boosting comments!

@ mewling - I love poetry too, but have never really tried to write any before so this is actually a fun way of getting into it.

@ wolfmataki - thanks for being you :)

@ maru-chan - it is fun isn't it? I have to admit that I'm really enjoying the challenge of trying to be original as well... that achrostic took hours!

@ natto - :lol: now if only I could get over the writers block on the journal paper I am writing at the moment...

@ count - you're crazy as usual, you should seriously set up your own thread to impart your wonderful madness in drabble form :lol:

@ sneeztensia - loving the smiley party, have another one ;)

@ dove - I will try... 100 drabbles is a lot and some of those tags look a bit daunting

@ sneesee - it's nice to hear someone say that as it's really difficult to write something suggestive enough to be "hawt" without slipping into adult board territory.

Will post some more soon!

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Oh God where are they? she frantically thought to herself as she rummaged through the cavernous shoulder bag that seemed to contain everything but the one thing that she so desperately sought. She was positive that they were in there. She knew that she had dropped the packet into her bag after she had bought them, so why on earth couldn’t she find them.

Why of all days had they managed to become misplaced? Why, when she was trapped in this living hell of a house with three beautiful but highly allergenic Himalayan cats could she not find the packet of tiny white pills that would bring her some relief from the luxurious, pampered creatures that were currently torturing her poor nose.

WHERE ARE THEY? The quiet shout rang through her mind as she continued to frantically search, a sinking feeling beginning to grip her as a gossamer thread of memory floated into her mind’s eye. They weren’t here. They were at home. She had taken them out of her bag and placed the packet onto her living room table.

“Oh God” she whispered as the realisation hit her that she would have to face the terror of three beautiful Himalayan cats alone.


Contagion. It was her favourite word in the English dictionary. She loved it. Loved the way it slipped off of her tongue. Loved the way one single word could conjure up images of fever, sneezes, mucus and tissues. Loved the way her body reacted to the word as she read it on a page, and loved the thought of those delicious sneeze causing microbes transferring from person to person, creating even more contagion and making them contagious. Yes. Contagion was her favourite word, and as her breath hitched uncontrollably and she sneezed openly into the crowded elevator, she smiled at the thought that the people who were trapped in the elevator with her could soon be described using her second favourite word: infected.

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I have a confession to make and I need you to listen to me.

To just sit there, listen patiently and not interrupt until I get this out.

No, it’s nothing bad, it’s harmless really.

A bit weird perhaps, but completely harmless I swear.

What? No it’s nothing like that, why would you think that?

I promise you that it is nowhere near as disgusting as that.

Don’t. Don’t laugh at me. This is embarrassing enough as it is.

No, I’m… Will you just let me tell you? Please?

Look. I have a fetish.

And before you react, I’m not going to ask you to do anything you’re not comfortable with.

It’s fairly innocent really.

I mean really innocent.

Something people do all the time.

Certainly something you do all the time.

No! Not that!

It’s sneezing.

No, I like sneezing. That’s my fetish.

No I don’t know what is about sneezing that I like.

I just… no wait, that’s a lie.

I like watching people lose control.

I like the look on a persons face when they know they are going to sneeze.

I love the way your nose wrinkles, the way your breath hitches.

The way your eyes start to drift closed.

The sound of your sneeze, so masculine, forceful, so….

What are you doing?

Oh… you don’t have to do that.

No really. You don’t have to…

You want to?

You don’t mind?

You don’t think it’s weird? Disgusting?


Have I ever told you how much I love you?

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