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Maru-chan's Weiss&Saiyuki Drabble Thread [UPDATED 19th June]

March Hare

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Yes yes... I can has jump bandwagon! At first I wasn't sure whether to try or not, but then I saw number 8 in the list and immediately thought of VNV Nation and their song called 'Joy'. And then... Fujimiya Ran, known as Aya from the anime Weiss Kreuz Kapitel, started to talk to me again.

I don't know whether I'll use all 100 prompts. Maybe two or three is all I'll ever come up with. Maybe they won't all be Weiss Kreuz. But I'm going to try anyway. cool.png

There will be slight hints of yaoi between Ran and Youji throughout the whole. If that in itself means I should label this thread 18+, I will, but any graphic expressions or descriptions will be avoided, so the drabbles themselves will not be 18+.

Hope you like happy.png

The list of prompts for your convenience:

1 - Kink :: 2 - Science Fiction :: 3 - Frightened :: 4 - Fake :: 5 – Pencil :: 6 – Squint :: 7 – Misplaced :: 8 – Joy :: 9 - Touched :: 10 – Cough :: 11 – Hot/Cold :: 12 – Sin :: 13 – Care :: 14 – Frail :: 15 – The End :: 16 – Three :: 17 – Never :: 18 – Midnight :: 19 – Promise :: 20 – Fight :: 21 – Pollen :: 22 – Embarrassment :: 23 – Alcohol :: 24 – Mask :: 25 – Mistake :: 26 – Suspicion :: 27 – Disagreement :: 28 – Assignment :: 29 – Purple :: 30 – June :: 31 – Calculating :: 32 – Fall :: 33 – Cry :: 34 – Relief :: 35 – Breath :: 36 – Miserable :: 37 – Chocolate :: 38 – Violent :: 39 – Muffle :: 40 – Swift :: 41 – Run :: 42 – Poison :: 43 – Contagion :: 44 – Tissue :: 45 – Sore :: 46 – Enraptured :: 47 – Wary :: 48 – Pathetic :: 49 – Sweat :: 50 – Gentle :: 51 – Milk :: 52 – Ravenous :: 53 – Blanket :: 54 – Needles :: 55 – Sports :: 55 – Ruin :: 56 – Lovely :: 57 – Hospital :: 58 – Annoying :: 59 – Mother :: 60 – Bike :: 61 – Idiot :: 62 – Puppy :: 63 – Control :: 64 – Unfair :: 65 – Similarities :: 66 – Raincoat :: 67 – Worship :: 68 – Attitude :: 69 – Fuck :: 70 – Confession :: 71 – Floor :: 72 – Remedy :: 73 – Don’t :: 74 – Ego :: 75 – Heartless :: 76 – Lullaby :: 77 – Secret :: 78 – Shut Up :: 79 – Music :: 80 – Grudge :: 81 – Solitude :: 82 – Magic :: 83 – Dirty :: 84 – City :: 85 – Teacher :: 86 – Sky :: 87 – Hypocrite :: 88 – Tattoo :: 89 – Money :: 90 – Childhood :: 91 – Goodbye :: 92 – Victory :: 93 – Weather :: 94 – Photo :: 95 – Rage :: 96 – Internet:: 97 – Fashion :: 98 – Favor :: 99 – Lazy :: 100 – Airplane


8. Joy

Word Count: 313

Characters: Ran (Aya)

So why do I love when I still feel pain

Where does it end when is my work done

Why do I fight

and why do I feel that I carry a sword

that I carry a sword

Joy. Together with Chrome, the best song VNV Nation ever made. I loved it. Martial music, some people called it, and that was an excellent name.

This wasn't Youji's kind of music. His tastes went more along the lines of jazz and lounge, the mellower kinds of swing, anything he could dance to in his slow and fluidly smooth way, nonchalantly sensual, with feline languidness but every move precisely timed.

We didn't often have time to go clubbing and frankly, it wasn't so much my thing as Ken's and Youji's - but this place, Zyklon, was an exception. It was dedicated solely to the darker, harsher genres of music such as EBM, industrial, darkwave and metal. Right up my alley.

Needless to say, on the sparse free nights that we were allowed, I came here alone. Ken disliked the music, Omi was still underage and Youji would never set a foot in any non-smoking venue. There wasn't even a single room within Zyklon's walls where smoking was allowed. It was one of the things I liked about it.

Like the path to heaven or the road to hell

Our choice is our own consequences bind

Youji wouldn't have come with me anyway tonight. He'd been fighting a cold for the past three days; after the completion of our mission earlier today, he had finally succumbed to it. I, on the other hand, had felt a distinct need to work off the last mission-induced adrenaline by giving myself up to this angry pandemonium of sound.

However, I might go home a bit earlier than usual tonight, given the circumstances...

I carry a sword through a battlefield

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:o That naughty, naughty Ran!

I love a club-feeling like that. Brings back very vivid memories of youth... (sans smoke)

How wonderful of you to start this as well. We'll get more boys, right, right??? ;)

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Oh Shiny dearest how I love your love for my favourite bishounen :D :D ;)

And YES! Of course there will be more! In fact, have another right now!


55. Sports

Word Count: 173

Characters: Youji and Ken


“Yeah, I get it, you’re legendary. Fuck, Ken, give a man a break for once!” Youji, supporting himself with his hands on his thighs and shaking the sweaty hair out of his eyes, could hardly catch his breath - let alone speak.

Ken stopped running around, lowered his arms and laughed. “A break? Come on, you could’ve stopped that last one easy as pie. You’re no kind of sportsman, Youji-kun.”

“I’ve always known sport was a waste of time anyway,” Youji grumbled. He dropped into a crouch on the unkept grass, then stretched out on his back, enjoying the warmth of the sun on his face. “It’s great outside, though.”

“Damn ri-EKSCHU!”

Youji opened his eyes, one brow quirked as he watched Ken fumble a handkerchief from his pocket and explode two more forceful sneezes into it.

“Bless you... Grass, or trees?”

Ken grimaced, but the effect was more comical than anything else. “Both. But I still agree with you. And...” he gave the ball one final, triumphant kick. “I’ve still won!”


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I never got into Weiss Kreuz, but I really enjoy the ficcage, and this is no exception. Thanks for the NOMy works!

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I have missed reading this particular anime! Thanks for participating Maru!

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38. Violent

Word Count: 186

Characters: Youji and Ran

They are armed to the teeth

It's the Blut Royale!

A sound like rapid gunfire, punctuated by inhuman growling, ominous chords. Combichrist. Obnoxious fucking noise, in my humble opinion. Ran was twisted to like this. It was pure audio-violence. One would assume that, in spite of our profession, he would dislike violence as much as I did. After all, underneath all the machine-like indifference he was an educated and relatively civilized human being. But no - this was actually his favourite kind of music. Music! There's a joke.

And he hadn't even dragged me along to this place. I'd come out of curiosity. Well, curiosity killed the cat - and now it was killing my damn ears.

I shot a withering glance at him, only to freeze in my half-hearted dance motions. His hands were cupped around his nose and mouth, his head was bobbing down in a repeated staccato of what I recognised only too well. I strained my ears, but the infernal noise made it impossible for me to hear.

Okay. Maybe curiosity wasn't the only reason why I had come with him.


64. Unfair

Word Count: 51

Characters: Ran and Youji

"It's not fair," Youji protested. "I demand a rematch!"

"No rematch. I won fair and square."

"Fair and square, my ass. You took advantage of the situation."

"Welcome to the world of staring contest strategy, Youji-kun."

"Bullshit. The rules say -"

He was interrupted. Ran's mouth broadened slightly.

"Bless you again."

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OOoh! I missed this before! I love these characters and I love the way you write them!


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Darlings, thank you very much :lmfao: I'm glad you're enjoying the Weiss wrong! Have another!


29. Purple

Word Count: 245

Characters: Youji and Ken

"Come on, see what delivery got us today. Gotta love spring..." Ken took Youji by the elbow and led him into the shop.


"Yeah. Only about a million of 'em," Ken said, rubbing the back of his head and whistling through his teeth. "Come on, what d'you say we make a nice spring display?" He rolled up his sleeves and picked up one of the buckets. Youji laughed and followed suit.

"They smell nice," Ken commented, putting his face to the deep purple blooms and inhaling luxuriously. "I like them."

"Look at that. The whole damn shop's purple." Youji shook his head, grinning from ear to ear. "You sure they haven't made a mistake?"

"You'll have to ask Aya. He deals with deliveries... Hey, you OK?" He shot a half-curious, half-concerned look at Youji, who'd sat down rather suddenly, with his head almost between his knees and his hands to his face.

"Yeah, I'm OK... just a bit dizz- ihh... Hk!SHIUUU! HIESHUU! KSHIIUHH! Hehhh...! What the fuck...!"

"Dude," Ken said, shocked. "You're totally allergic to those things. Why'd you never tell us?"

"Becahh...! KTSHIUU! Because I didn't know. I ahh... Hhh! Hk'SHIHH! KSHIH! EhhhIKSHUUH! Fuck...!"

"OK, you're getting your ass out of here and ask Aya to take your shift, or it'll be the death of you. Go," Ken ordered sternly, putting an end to Youji's feeble and sneeze-interrupted protesting. "Don't be stupid, just go. You're already purple in the face, for gods' sake."

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Well, it may have been TWO YEARS, but I still know who my merry men are, and what sets them off, sternutation-wise. :lol: I'll try and make more regular updates! Thanks very much VoOs, Cerulean Flower and chui for your comments :laugh:


13. Care

Word Count: 291

Characters: Youji and Omi

"It's all right. Don't worry about it."

"What, me worry? You're confused, kid. I never worry. I'm just - ah... heeisshh! - annoyed."

Omi nodded and got up. "Well, you should start feeling better soon. This stuff works really quickly - the ad said so."

Youji grinned. "Well, they'd better be right about that considering I had to sniff it up my fuckin nose. Where the hell do you come up with these things, anyway?" He rubbed a finger under his nose with a grimace, took a deep breath and exhaled slowly. "Ahh, that was close. But you're right, I think it's starting to workIESHHH!"

"Obviously," Omi commented with a smile. "Get you some tea?"

"You're too good." Youji turned on his bed and squirmed his head into the pillow until he'd found a comfy position, and stretched his arms over his head. "You know, this feels really good. Of course it's for sissies, staying in bed just because of a silly little cold."

"Yeah, but if you stayed up and took your shift at the shop, you'd probably infect all the customers," Omi pointed out without the slightest hint of irony.

"Well, what about you, then? I practically sneezed all over you just now, and - hahh!" His hand crept toward his nose as his breath hitched, but after a few tense seconds he lowered it again with a soft sigh. "Fuck, I hate when they do that."

"Don't worry about me," Omi smiled. "I'll probably be fine. And should you infect me after all, you can take care of me."

"Yeah, and cover your shifts," Youji grunted. "Don't think so, kid." He grinned. Omi grinned back.

"I'll go get you that tea."

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Ohhh my gosh those false starts killed me. :) Especially the one that just snuck back up on him anyway. I agree, I hope you do more!

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Aw, QC and Mouse, thank you so much! :lol: There WILL be more, that I can promise. And I think I can work in some more false starts for you as well, Mouse :naughty:

Here we go again! I've decided to put the "supporting" characters in brackets so that you can see who will be doing the sneezing :lol:


78. Shut Up

Word Count: 184

Characters: Youji (and Ran)

"Well, you know me. Always on the side of the angels. With flaming swords."

Mmmm, ah yes. That would be my Youji. Always on the side with a terrible metaphor. I didn't give him the satisfaction of seeing my grin; I buried that in the fleshy part of his shoulder. "Shut up," I muttered, "and go to sleep. I've got the early shift."

"What you've got is no fucking idea of priorities," he returned, but after that he did shut up, so I composed myself to sleep satisfied.

"Um... Ran..."

"Mm." Alas. It was nice while it lasted.

"Could you move just a bit to the other side? That's kind of my bad shoulder you've got your head on."

"Oh." I wriggled around a little. "That better?"

"Yeah, thanks."

"Now can you shut up and let me sleep?"

No reply, only the soft Youji-chuckle that was so warm and pleasant in my ears. Just the kind of sound you'd like to drift off on.

"EhhIESHHNDZ! ...heuh, sorry."

"Oudaijini,"** I mumbled into his chest. There was always a better kind, after all.


93. Weather

Word Count: 302

Characters: Youji (and Ken and Omi)

"Fuckin rain," Youji muttered, "don't I hate the fuckin rain."

"You and me both, man," Ken said. He stretched his legs and kicked a chair over. With an angry grunt he heaved himself off the couch and put the chair back upright. "It's been three days! Where the hell does it all come from!"

"Hey," Omi called out. "Come on upstairs, you guys. You've gotta see this!"

"What's up?" Ken jumped up from the couch and was already halfway up the stairs when Youji deigned to even move his long lanky body in a sort of upright position. "Probably some sort of weird shit he dragged up from the internet."

"No, man!" Ken's voice, coming from somewhere near the back of the shop. "This is so cool! Hurry up and come see!"

Youji sighed and sauntered upstairs. He walked through the little corridor past the door to the shop and the door to the kitchen, pausing at the door to the back yard, which stood open. Omi and Ken were standing together in the doorway, gazing up at the sky.

Curious in spite of himself, Youji joined them and looked up. What he saw filled him, again in spite of himself, with wonder.

There had been a major break in the clouds, leaving an enormous blue patch through which shimmery rays of sunlight were descending upon the sodden world below. And in the middle of the blue patch stood a rainbow.

"Whoa," Youji muttered. "Guess that's pretty special."

He shifted his eyes to see whether the clouds were breaking up further - and made the mistake of squinting up right into the sunshine.

"Aah-ISSHH! Heisshhu! Heh, shit."

He reemerged from the crook of his elbow to see Ken smirk at him and hear him mutter, "don't you love the fuckin sun."


I can't seem to get these things under a hundred words apiece. Oh well!

** Oudaijini is Japanese and I believe it means "take care". Apparently they say it after someone sneezes.

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These are really good! I love them! I love Weiss Kreuz! :naughty: I so hope you continue and write more (especially about Ran :lol::innocent: ) haha anyway thanks again for writing these! :lol:

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I finally Googled Weiss Kreuz and it actually looks really interesting (I had to Google Youji specifically after you described him as 'lanky' and I like what I see :(). I haven't been into anime for years but this is something I might want to look into. The story and the characters seem very intriguing.

"EhhIESHHNDZ! ...heuh, sorry."

^ That killed me. That little 'heuh' sound afterwards... :hug: Love it.

I also LOVE photic sneezes so I'm so glad you had that happen in the second one.

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Okay, for some of these the Weiss boys are not going to cut it, because they're, well, the good guys (even though they're contract killers). So that is where Schwarz comes in. You know, these freakazoids. They are the bad guys in the series; contract killers of sorts with supernatural powers and TOTALLY screwed minds. The one on the left with the specs is Brad Crawford, the leader of the team, who can see the future. The one with the knife is Farfarello, Irish in origin, who is the psychopath to end all psychopaths and immune to pain. The dark-haired kid is Naoe Nagi (I do the Japanese names in Japanese order), who has telekinetic powers. (He can Force-choke people, I think.) The redhead is my favourite. He is a German named Schuldig (which, very appropriately, is German and Dutch for 'guilty'), he can read minds and he is the best example of how sexy evil can be.

All of this explanation for ONE drabble?! No, I've reserved quite a few more prompts for them... just thought you might like to know :)


1. Kink (134)

"Ehh... hihhh..!"

The pointy nose creased in the pale face. Instinctively, Farfarello tried to squirm away from the invasion.

"No no. Don't resist. Just... atmen... ja gut..."

"Hihhh..! AESSHT! ...uhhn." Farfarello sniffed loudly and wrinkled his nose. "Really?" He frowned. "This is what..."

"Ja, as a matter of fact, it is," Schuldig answered, his sharp face creased in the most sultry of smiles. He twirled the narrow feather between his fingers, and approached once again the snowy face of his team mate. "Just a few more... and afterwards, maybe I will let you out of that straitjacket and let you indulge in one of your... pleasures."

Farfarello giggled. It was a high, wheezy giggle, a disturbing sound of gleeful insanity.

"Go on, then."


P.S. That sound belongs to Garnet, who created it for Farf many years ago, and it's one of my all-time favourites (as is Garnet herself, and the story it came from).

P.P.S. Translations! Yeah, how about those? atmen = breathe, ja gut = yeah good

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Heh heh. I am half-proud/half-disturbed with myself that I can totally picture the doodle of Farfarello sneezing in his straight-jacket making THAT noise. WOW I love Garnet's stuff.

...ANYWAY. I love ALL of these. I really, really do. :yes: I have a total soft spot for Youji. And the way you spell sneezes... :drool: Love forever.

More, pretty please? :innocent:

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:shy: Thank you so much, NameTaken! I agree, Garnet is one of the best writers in the SFF realm, and Youji is le sex. :D Yes! More!


2. Science Fiction

Word Count: 195

Characters: Youji (and Ken)

"Yo Ken."

The dark-haired boy on the couch in the rec room turned bleary eyes on his team mate, who came ambling down the metal stairs in his bath robe. "Hey Youji. How you doing?"

Youji frowned and wrinkled his nose. "The same. Stuffed full of snot and dopey as hell."

Ken nodded. "I know what you mean." He dug a handkerchief out of his pocket and rubbed at his nose, which was raw from having received this treatment all too often. "Wanna play a game?"

"All right." Youji accepted the console Ken handed to him, and proceeded to get his arse kicked in a game of starships shooting each other to bits.

"Dude. You're breaking my balls, here."

"I know. It's called competition."

"Shit!" Youji laughed, a hoarse wheezing laugh. "Man, I suck at this."

Ken grinned, threw his console into the air and snatched it as it fell. "Want another game?"

"Sure, but not this Shhh... ihhh...! HEISSHHeh! Star Trek shit. I'm in the mood for Super Mario or something."

Ken flinched in sympathy at the sound of that drawn-out, wrenching sneeze. "Bless you, man."


14. Frail

Word Count: 221

Characters: Ran (and Youji)

He was unutterably beautiful the way he was lying there, his hair glittering in the sunlight and one arm slung over his eyes to protect them from the glare. Impossibly skinny limbs, skin as white as bone china. Not that I had ever seen bone china, but it sounded about right. The black t-shirt had a wide neck; it revealed his neck and clavicles, part of his shoulders. I wanted to run my tongue along those bones, graze the muscles of his neck with my teeth.

He inhaled sharply and turned to his side, curling inwards upon himself as went into a small fit of sneezing, straining to hold every ticklish sneeze firmly in behind his clenched teeth "HhTSCHT-NKSCH-HNGSHT-NKKHSH...! Fff..." A soft exhale of relief as his jaws relaxed in the aftermath of the attack. His right arm was still covering his face, but with his left hand he grabbed around for the handkerchief that was lying next to him on the bed.

I chuckled, I couldn't help it. "Bless you, Ran," I said. I reached out and put the handkerchief into his searching hand. He looked so small somehow, knees drawn up to his chest, a slim black-clad figure in a puddle of sunshine on a double bed. So small. So beautiful. My little bone china figurine.

"Bless you."


...I don't know how I got so mushy there all of a sudden. :twisted:

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Why didn't I see these before? :twisted: They're awesome and ever so yummy. :shy: Absolutely love your writing style. :D

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That last one made me melt! I mean Ran! AHHHHHHHHH! :twisted: thank you so much for writing these! hope there's more! especially of Ran.... :shy::D

by the way Maru-Chan I know this is weird but who's your favorite from Weiss Kreuz?

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